Canadian passport information...what you need to know.

This is an outline of how to apply for a Canadian passport with all the necessary links that you will need.

If it is your first time applying you will need to give proof of citizenship. There is a form that you must fill out and you can get it on line along with the passport application form.

You will also need a guarantor. This person must have known you for at least 2 years, be over 16 and has a passport from Canada or at least had one in the last 5 years.

You will need to prove your identity and include 2 photos signed on the back by your guarantor. 

Include a copy of your travel documents. Of course you will include the fees.

Send the documents by traceable mail or go in person to a Canadian passport service office.

You will need 2 photos if you are applying for the first time or renewing.

The name and address of the studio that took the photo has to be written on the back of the photos and the date.

In Canada that is very easy. Black’s camera or Wal-Mart is were I usually go to get mine. They are really particular in Canada it is a real mug shot you are not allowed to tilt your head or even smile. The last time I went to get a picture for my passport they even made me remove my lipstick as they said it was too shinny and pushed my bangs back because she said it covered one eye brow. I don’t know if it was just the girl or not. Maybe some people follow the rules more than others. I would be prepared though just in case.

It is simple to get a passport renewed for Canada

You need to get a proper application form. I got mine at the post office just fill it out and send it in with your old passport and new photos. Oh and your fee of course. It is fairly straight forward. You can also apply in person at a Passport Canada service location if you like.

There are some rules of course. You must have been over 16 and have the same name as the old passport you are returning. It cannot be damaged or expired or at least valid in last 5 years, and was never lost or stolen.

Processing time varies no matter what way that you apply. If it is very busy it will take longer, so apply early. It generally takes about 10 business days if you apply in person and 20 if you do it by mail.

Proof of parentage must accompany a child’s travel documents with the application.

Canadian government passport information 

If you are living in the U.S. or Bermuda the proper forms are online or you can go into any Canadian government office. You cannot apply through the simplified form if you are abroad. You must go to a Canadian government office.

Forms for Canadians applying from the U.S. or Bermuda

If you are a non-Canadian living in Canada like a refugee you will need to prove your immigration and identity and have a guarantor.

Non-Canadian residents living in Canada

When you get your new Canadian passport

Sign your passport (keep it in the space allowed) on page 3 fill in your current address and add contact information in case of emergency.

Make sure that you allow enough time as you as you will not be able to travel without it. You can be denied entry to some countries if your passport expires within a few months. (the number of months varies with the individual country that you visit).

Keep your Canadian passport is valuable.

This passport wallet is zippered with inside pockets. Your passport, tickets and more will be safe and secure.

Canadian government frequently asked questions

general passport information 

airport security screening 

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