The best travel purse and how to organize it

Pick a travel purse style that is comfortable for you to carry. I find that one that can be carried like a messenger bag is safer and it leaves your hands free.

  • Your purse should be small enough that it won't be too heavy when full but big enough to hold the essentials.
  • It needs to be very light-weight because it starts to feel heavier as the day goes on. Nylon is a good material.
  • The compartments need to zip close for safety.
  • It is nice if it has several compartments. A separate place for your phone and credit card for example.
  • It is best if the same purse works for the airplane and a day pack.
  • A dark color is good as it hides dirt.
  • It should go with your wardrobe colors.

It is handy to use a little purse organizer.

They come in small, medium and large. It allows you to put what you want into it and then into your purse, and you can pull it out and put it in another one with all its contents. There are many brands that sell these. It really keeps you organized.

If you have the space in your luggage it's nice to take a large bag, like a longchamp le pliage, a evening or wrist purse, and if you will be going to the beach you will need a beach bag. 

For anyone but especially for men the in-flight organizer panel or seatback organizer by Magellan's is perfect. If you have the traverse pro luggage with the zip-off day pack that works really well also.

Example of what you might put in the separate container or travel purse to keep at your seat

Grab it before storing your one bag or carry-on luggage

  • Hand wipes
  • Kleenex
  • Emery board for your nails
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Hand lotion
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Eyeglasses if needed to read
  • Any medication that you will need on the flight
  • A travel kit like an eye mask for filtering light or a travel pillow or shawl for a blanket
  • Travel documents as you may need them for filling out custom forms
  • A credit card or small bills for food (some airlines only take one or the other)
  • Your reading material
  • Your computer if you use it on board
  • Some women like a makeup disc (if you like to look nice before landing)

There are many great bags available including backpack handbags, hobo handbags, laptop bags and pacsafe bags that come in many different style options.

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