Timesavers for travelling, here are my top 20 tips.

Why not plan ahead with these timesavers for travelling, so that you get the most out of it, even if it just means you can relax longer on the beach.

When going on a vacation we usually have a limited amount of time.

timesavers for travelling

  1. Start with always replenishing your toiletries and makeup kit and have them in a bag and ready to go. Another good idea would be to save any little samples to take on board.
  2. If you travel for business often then you might want to have a carryon ready with a basic wardrobe and use packing cubes.

  3. Have one location where you store all your packing gear.

  4. Program your GPS or pack the right maps for your destination. I even print out metro line maps before leaving home. You can even note some of the places you will be visiting and note the routes. So much time can be wasted getting lost.

  5. Have a basic packing list so that you will always have it handy. It is a very good thing to have if you ever need to make a travel claim. Note information about your electronics like serial numbers on the list.

  6. For timesavers for travelling book a shuttle bus. You can do this on-line. Hotel shuttle buses are usually free and they are very convenient. You will not loose time trying to find the hotel or dealing with parking. If you do rent a car it is more convenient to do this before your trip. Do it on-line.

  7. Get a container for your home were you keep documents like passports in one place so you do not have to go looking for them. As your trip date nears you can add things like visas and trip insurance so they are always handy. Other things would be to add your itinerary, reservations and credit cards you will be taking. I stay in my condo in Mexico often so my keys are always placed there.

  8. Other great timesavers for travelling would be for getting quickly through the airport. Make sure you go through security wearing cloths like shoes that slip off easy, no metal belts, jewellery or body piercing.

  9. Try to fly out of smaller local airports instead of big hubs. They are usually not as busy so line-ups are not as bad. Try to fly out in off season and not between 8am to 5pm as it will be the busiest. Check-in online from home or at the kiosk.

  10. Pack something to read or games in case of delays.

  11. Wear a watch and make sure it is set to local time so that you do not miss connections

  12. Someone gave me this tip and the next one and I always do this now. Get some peel off stickers and type address of people you will send postcards to. It will be quick and easy to just stick them on the postcard. Instead of wasting time when your tired after a long day. I know I used to forget an address but this way it is all done in advance.

  13. If you take pictures of people take blank envelopes and get them to self address them after you take there photo. You will find it much easier. You can just add the picture to the envelope, stamp and mail.

  14. Take some labels with your own address on them. You can mail home any papers you do not want to lug around from place to place. This is especially good for business travel.

  15. Make sure your luggage is in an unusual color so that it stands out. This way you will find it quickly on the carousel. Better yet if you can handle one bag travel that is even better.

  16. Make a list of telephone numbers like your bank, travel agency, airline customer service,hotels and family you want to keep in touch with. Note your credit card numbers and make a couple of copies of your passport.

  17. Have your healthy snacks packed the night before your trip

  18. If the air port is not close to your home and you have an early flight stay at an airport hotel. Use there express check out if they have one and take the shuttle to the airport.

  19. For great travel timesavers plan your activities so that they are close by each other and you won’t be zigzagging all over the place. Use local tour guides.

  20. Don’t try to see too much on one trip. Decide what you would like to do before you leave. Pack a list of your plans but be flexible.
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