You definitely need lots of tips when travelling with kids.

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let them in on the planning stage

When you are travelling with kids things have to be really organized. Let the child in on all aspects of the planning. Let them help pick out their own luggage and discuss the clothing that will be suitable so they feel involved from the very start. 

shoes areimportant for kids also

Get some fun and comfy walking shoes and break them in long before leaving for the trip.

make sure they know what to expect

If it is their first time flying, explain everything to them and also go over the process of airport screening , so that they will not be afraid or surprised. This also goes for teens they must understand they have to act responsible. 

Just like you they need to wear jackets and shoes that slip on and off easily.

toys help keep them occupied

Make sure that the child gets to pick out a toy that they will take on board, but you need to make sure that together you pick one that will get through screening easily. It should not be something that has a lot of parts that will get lost or a loud noise maker that will disturb other people.

Some storey books or coloring books and crayons will keep them occupied. Also taking their favourite blanket or pillow is a good idea as they will sleep better. Teens will have their latest gadgets or games.

pick the right luggage  for their age

The carry on should probably be a small backpack and their luggage should have wheels and be light weight so that they look after it themselves. Disney suitcases are very popular with children.

what to pack

The clothing that they pack should be light weight and easily washed, that will dry quickly. Small children will have the usual spills and so you should take some powdered laundry detergent and a travel clothes line. If the clothing is light-weight it will dry quickly.

Your carry on and first aid kit should have baby aspirin or Tylenol in case you need it, or anything particular that they may need if they start to feel motion sickness or pressure in their ears.It is really a shame to have the young ones crying with discomfort.

Healthy snacks become very important when travelling with kids. Again this is a time when you should get them involved in the preparations. Take things that they can handle easily without spilling and no high energy sugary foods. Avoid foods that will make a mess or stain their clothing.

Travel with a baby takes even more planning but it still can be done with not too much inconvenience. I would pack a baby's clothing in your own suitcase. Make sure that the bag for the carryon has what you will need on the flight and when you arrive in case the checked bags get delayed. A diaper change pad and wipes or dry ones that you can add your water to is a really good idea.

Some hotels and resorts are very helpful and child friendly. Some will even make sure there is a crib available. I know that I was at the Villa del Pal mar in Puerto Vallarta one time and I never saw so many baby's. Obviously they must be very baby friendly. I noticed that they had a large separate wading pool for children. If you choose your hotel or resort well, travelling with kids will be much easier.

If you are taking them to a hot sunny climate make sure that they have proper sun-screen and sun protective clothing and make sure that you keep in the shade as much as possible. Don’t go to the pool or beach at the hottest time of the day.

pick child freindly resorts

Check out the resort and make sure they are child friendly before you book. See your pediatrician long before you are getting ready to leave for your trip. Let the doctor know where you are going to be travelling and get his suggestions for carry on first aid and leave plenty of time for immunizations. 

Some people put off travelling with kids

They think it is too much trouble but it really enlarges their world, even if it is a baby. It makes for great memories. I think it broadens their perspective and makes them more tolerant of others and maybe even grateful for what they have.

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