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The best travel websites are hard to find even though travel sites can be found all over the internet, but how many times have you surfed for hours only to find the same old information? I search the internet every time I go on a trip. I spent hours researching and planning before my departure date. Sometimes I bookmark so many sites I have trouble finding them again!

I thought wouldn't it be nice if I found ...

the best travel websites 

and put them in one handy place.

I have noted lots of links, with descriptions of each site.

With some of these sites you can purchase wonderful travel books from experienced travelers. Some have links to the best tours, compare hotel prices, and help you find discounts and cheap vacations. Some of these travel websites even give away links to lots of free stuff like brochures and online travel guides.

websites like these are helpful when it comes to booking a trip

When you search for travel websites online you will get all the popular search engines and they can be excellent like one of my favorites trip advisor.

Tripadvisor also has millions of reviews for almost anywhere in the world from their members.

Maybe you are going home for a reunion or for the holidays and are looking for a cheap flight and you know what you want.

want to check out a particular vacation destination?

This directory is aimed more for finding best travel websites that give you first hand knowledge. Some of the owners of these websites live at the location or they have visited many times over several years. They can give you the inside scoop. They may have books to offer or video or unusual tours.

Sometimes you will find travel tips like my site the one you are on. I write about travel tips for packing luggage and the best international travel tips. Others will be more specific to your destination like Florence Italy or Venice Italy or this great website of Saint Petersburg Russia Click Here! Maybe you want to take an Alaska cruise. Maybe you were looking for a theme vacation like a romantic travel destination, adventure tours, seniors travel or a safari to Africa. You have come to the right place.

These are websites that I personally found helpful or our readers have chosen and submitted as their favourites, and owners of travel websites that have applied and have been accepted into the directory. 


Gilpin lodge hotel,lake district 

The Cotswolds for the Ultimate in Holiday Cottages


For a comprehensive website to the whole of France, written by UK-based Francophile travel writer, consult


visit often

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