The all inclusive vacation package
…here are some pros and cons.

If you are thinking about an all inclusive vacation package but not sure if it is for you take a look at my pros and cons and it will give you the information that you need so that you make an informed decision.

Some people love the package and some loath them but in any case I think they are here to stay. They are not for everyone but they could be perfect for your travel needs.

all inclusive vacation package pros and cons

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Mexico


  • Weddings
  • Large groups of friends or a family get together especially as sometimes children stay free or at reduced rates
  • If you don’t really want to do a lot of site seeing but would rather just lay on the beach
  • Your tired and want to get away and relax and get pampered
  • Disneyland packages are perfect for the family with small children it is inexpensive all arranged for you making it less stressful.
  • Your very social
  • Love finding those really inexpensive packages especially to the Caribbean so you can afford several trips a year or maybe you would not be able to afford a trip at all if it wasn't for the cheap vacation package
  • If you love to have lots of activities available without ever leaving the resort

Tripadvisor travelers top 25 allinclusive resorts in the Caribbean

  • You love to cruise


  • They don’t help the local economy as most profits go back to the country of the resort ownership.
  • Stuck with a lot of others if you would rather be alone
  • They can sometimes be at properties that are really out of the way. They like to keep you and your money in the resort.
  • This is not usually the kind of trip to absorb the local culture
  • You may still have to pay extra for theme nights and drinks above the beer and domestic.
  • If you want the really luxurious packages it may add up to more than you think.
  • On most cruises the shore excursions and tours are extra and it can become hectic
  • If you have been on more than one beach resort all inclusive vacation they all start to look alike. You may not know what country you are in if it were not for the theme nights

Check out what other travelers say at trip advisor. 

Some resorts like Villa del Palmar where we own some timeshare have a combination of timeshare, room rentals, full all inclusive vacation package and part board. It is very versatile you may like to look at this type; it suits many people.

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