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Shop at home rather than always lugging it home

Has the shop at home idea been popping into your head lately? Tiered of the huge crowds and lugging all your parcels around? Maybe it's time to start shopping on line.

At our shop at home section I will look out for the best buy from all over the world for you.

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Remember when we would travel and have to carry everything back with us in our luggage. Sometimes we took an extra suitcase with us just for this very purpose.

Today that extra suitcase might cost you big time. Not to mention carting it all over the place and checking it in. Security will probably have to open it and maybe not pack it back well enough. Some of those lovely things may even get damaged.

Have a look at our Travel Bitt shop for souvenirs, postcards, bon voyage party supplies, accessories and more.

When I went to Vietnam I fell in love with the most beautiful carpet. It was French green and had colourful flowers in my favourite hues. This was in the early 90’s. The only way to get it home was a crate and my husband just did not trust it. Unless you filled the container it was not economical. When we got back we ordered it and I love it and it reminds me of the Continental hotel in Ho chi min city.

On my last trip to Paris most of my mementos other than a few things, I ordered and had delivered to my home. Those French chocolates, custom posters and notebooks and coasters from the museum shop, souvenirs of Versailles all delivered to my door or directly to a friend. It was fabulous to shop from home in my apartment in Paris!

Maybe you want to buy something as a memento of your trip. Perhaps it is something to take on your travels with you like some cool gadget. It might just be that you are out of the country at a special time when a loved one or a friend has a birthday, anniversary or special occasion. This is also a great timesaver when you are in different time zones.

Some of us have family that live a distance from us and we need to send a gift. It could just be that you would like to get in on the great deals from the comfort of your home.

I also found items you may like that will make packing your suitcase easier. Want to look great for that special trip check out our great online retailers.

Well I will do everything I can to find those special items that I know you will love. Come back often to find the best buy as things will be added and sale items change often.

Also shop at home before you start packing for your trip.

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