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Follow along with me on my international travels tips. Use my travel tips for packing luggage. I have learned through my own mistakes and would like to share my experience with you. Make packing for a trip go smoothly and stress free. Anything can happen with international travel so be prepared but keep an open mind and keep smiling.

Choosing the best luggage

We help you find the best luggage for your needs, whatever kind of traveler you are be it frequent, international, senior or budget. Our luggage reviews give pros and cons of popular travel luggage.

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Shop at home

Shop at home for souvenirs, bon voyage party supplies and accessories. Great gifts just a click away.

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What to wear in Paris

What to wear in Paris, a cosmopolitan city where sophisticated, fashion conscious people dress well. Tips for seasons, or occasions. Be comfortable and chic.

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What 2 wear

What 2 wear? Sometimes you need a little help with your travel wardrobe and Vacation clothes. What you wear in Paris will be different than a beach vacation.

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travel shoes

You will find our choices for the best travel shoes for comfort and style. Walk comfortably through museums, art galleries, dinning and on walking tours. See the best in sandals, ankle boots, walking shoes, sneakers and more.

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womens comfort shoes

Womens comfort shoes that are fashionable. Solve the dilemma. Learn how. Don't let foot pain ruin your vacation.

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how to pack your art supplies for travelling

How to pack your art supplies so they don't get confiscated byairline security, and still pack light

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Great vacation ideas

Explore vacation ideas, to come up with your best vacation ever.

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travel fashion scarf

Ideas for the travel fashion scarf. Why you should always take one with you when travelling. Also how to choose one, wear it and tie it.

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best travel shoes; finding them can make or break your trip.

The best travel shoes: dress shoes, walking, hiking, and more. Info on how many shoes to pack and the best brands.

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