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Luxury vacation packing is a lot different than backpacking, where you would stay in hostels and eat street food. 

4 or 5 star resort or a luxury hotel, a luxury cruise or private yacht, will be the norm. Your flight would probably be first class also. 

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If you have been following my other posts about packing, you probably have a good basic wardrobe that you could build on if you have a luxury vacation in your plans.

The difference is, it would be nice to look like you belong in such an environment even if this kind of travel is rare for you. It feels nice to have confidence in your appearance. 

Most of my travel fits in between the budget or lux on a budget, but there are times when I like pampering and it is in order.

I have noticed that people that show up shabby looking are not as likely to receive good service. 

recommendations for luxury vacation packing

for your luggage

  • I would choose your nicest and newest bag for luxury vacation packing.
  • Normally on a luxury vacation the airlines allow more pieces of luggage. Just because you can take more does not equate to should go with as many pieces as possible. Yes, you will most likely have porters and airport transfer and various other assistance with it but; is it really necessary. One checked bag should be enough. 

I  use a 24 inch, but you may need something larger. If you are not checking the bag, most airlines only allow a 22 inch. Check ahead to verify this. You can do lux in a carry-on if you only do that kind of packing.

I have friends that take as many bags as they are allowed, and there is usually an instance or two where it is a problem. Even for luxury vacation packing you have to store it on the yacht or in the hotel also.

What you will add to the basic wardrobe?

  • You will most likely be fine dining and attending more upscale entertainment. Check over your itinerary ahead of packing to pick the outfits that you may need. Are you going to a spa or clubbing? 
  • On luxury trips, I like to take more dresses. If it is summer time sun dresses in cotton or linen fit easily in your suitcase,  they don't take up much space. If you don't like that look, of course, Jersey or something more structured will be nice. Longer dresses and skirts and midi length work well. 
  • I always take a dress pant or two. Linen is nice if it is a cruise or beach resort. White pants are very useful in the summer as they can look terrific with a silk tunic. 
  • You can still use previous recommendations. Scarves, belts, and jewelry added to an outfit for a dressier look. For luxury vacation packing, a chunkier piece of jewelry would work nicely and use finer fabrics in your scarves like silk or chiffon in the summer or cashmere in the cooler months.
  • For colors on a luxury trip in summer, I would go for more white and khaki. Take prettier cover-ups with finer material something you could wear as a top or dress, for more uses. 
  • I rarely wear shorts when I travel unless it is a beach or boating vacation. If so a black or white short would be best so you can mix and match.
  • For a romantic vacation or a lux vacation, it is always nice to take something silky to sleep in, and it doesn't take up much room in your suitcase. Even a silky robe can be rolled up and put into a container cube.
  • Most 5 star hotels supply a terry robe but in summer especially a linen or silk feels nice for lounging around. I always take flip flops when I travel. You can find some that look more beautiful than average, but in this case you might want to think of taking a nice slipper.


  • Shoes are always a problem for me and on a lot of trips I don't use my dresses or skirts as much because my feet hurt, and I have to wear a walking shoe.
  • Shoe choices are different for me on luxury trips because, I would tend to not be on my feet as many hours as on site seeing vacations. If I am going to the opera or dinner and the location is a distance from the hotel, I might be more apt to take a cab. 
  • If you have arthritis or some problem with your feet like me, then you need to pay attention to this. For shoes, I suggest a comfortable dress shoe or if it is summer sandal or ballet flat or mary jane for your evenings out would be excellent.
  • Do not take your big white athletic shoes or crock's on a luxury trip. Think about your activities and if you need a good deck shoe or a shoe for exercise then take them but don't pack them just in case.

a lot of hotels have a welcome basket or you can order one when you arrive

If you know this will not be the case, then take a travel candle with you, ( they come in a tin with a cover to prevent fires ).  A little of your favorite bubble bath, a small bottle of your favorite essential oil like lavender or bergamot. Don't forget your music.  

Are you like me and can't usually eat various food and beverages? ( for migraines or health reasons ) Procure your yummy nibbles first chance. If they do not have, flowers in the room get a bunch when you are out.

These kind of excursions usually cost more; this is reason enough to make it unique. For some of us it may be a once in a lifetime. 

Love to hear your ideas for luxury vacation packing.

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