Get a good international sim card and you won't return home from abroad and be surprised with a huge cell phone bill?

Before I got an international Sim card this happened to me. The roaming fees were a real rip off. Then I thought maybe I would buy a cell phone when I arrived in Europe and just buy a new Sim card when I traveled to other countries. It is kind of a hassle and most of the time you loose pre-paid money you have loaded if you don’t use it in a certain amount of time. Then I just did without my phone but I missed it.

OneSimCard - prepaid international roaming, works in over 180 countries, free calls in over 70 countries

I did some research on line and found one sim card and wow was I ever impressed. It has prepaid cell phone service, low cost mobile service in over 180 countries and free incoming calls in 60 countries. If you have an unlocked gsm phone you can purchase a sim only.

I needed a new phone but I was not able to get an unlocked one here in Canada and I didn’t want to be bothered with looking online for one. I know they sell them on places like eBay. I checked at onesimcard, and they sold international cell phones, and they also have international cell phone rentals.

Canada just passed a new law that at the end of your contract they must unlock your phone. Now you could just purchase the onesim and switch the sim card in your phone when you travel.

The rental may work well for someone that doesn't travel much, but I decided to buy my iPhone because (actually mine is an android) I travel quite a lot.

As long as I use it once in every 10 month period anywhere...I don’t loose my prepaid time.

Data downloading can be expensive, but you just disable it or enable it when you want to use it. I purchased one of the low cost data packages when I was in Italy from them at a fabulous rate.

If you can get on free Wi-Fi you can purchase what they call a viop. I did this and called my sister all the way from Italy at an even lower rate. The quality of the reception is only as good as the Wi-Fi signal, but it worked most of the time for me and is even more low cost. There even is a way to get an incoming text for free.

I had to call Canada about a bank card not working also when I was Italy. I spent ages on the call, but the W-Fi connection was good in our apartment so I used the Voip.

When you make a call they have to call you back after they scan for a local provider, but you can remove this call back feature from some phones. I have it removed as it was a bit irritating. Really though, remember with this international Sim card how much you are saving for this little inconvenience.

You should let your friends and family know that you have an Estonia number, but for some applications you can purchase a local number if you want to.

I was so happy with my international Sim card that I wanted to tell other travelers about it.

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OneSimCard - prepaid cell phone service in 180 countries, save up to 90% on your cell phone calls while abroad