Looking for senior discounts?

You have finally earned your right to some senior discounts to help with your budget. Maybe you are a senior or at maybe just over 50.

Many of us, when we reach this age, have to find the "way to living on less." We want to travel, but it is very expensive. 

Making use of any discounts available out there can certainly help.

The problem is many places that have discounts don't let you know about them. 

How do we find senior discounts?

Well just ask!

Every time you check out of a store or buy a ticket inquire about their senior discounts.

Here are a few examples;however these change constantly,so just use this as a guideline: 

most of the major hotels have them:

Sometimes you can get a discount as young as 50. 

  • Places like Hampton inns have up to 40% with a 72 hour notice. 
  • The Marriott has 25% after the age of 62. 
  • Motel6 has free Sunday if you meet certain criteria. 
  • Quality inns 60+ 
  • Radisson has 15% off food.
  • Days in 60+ and an AARP gets you 20% 
  • Howard Johnson with AARP 15 to 30% and everyone over 55 10%
  • Travel lodge and Thriftlodge with AARP membership 15% off regular room. 50+ 10% in room coffee and free weekend newspaper.
  • Best Western 55+ 10%, subject to availability sometimes other perks for late or early check ins, like upgrades and continental breakfast.
  • I have been staying at sandman hotels for years. The last time I rented a room there, I  found out that they have what they call Choice 55. You can apply in Canada by calling 1800 SANDMAN, 1800CHOICE or pick up their pamphlet next time you are staying at one of their properties, fill it out and mail it in. 
  • Some hotels have loyalty cards also. 

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grocery stores and restaurants

Many department stores and restaurants have senior days or point cards. Even some grocery stores have senior days and point cards. 

  • I shop at a natural market. One day in the month, on the second to last Wednesday, gives us 20% off for everyone, not just seniors.
  • Dennys has 10 to 20 % off if you have an AARP card and also over 55
  • Subway has 10% over 60


Don't forget to use the drop down for senior instead of adult when you are booking a flight online and always tell your travel agent that you are a senior so that they will get you the discounts.

  • Greyhound has a senior club for 62+ things like 10% on certain fares, charter services 25%, and discounts on choice hotels.
  • Other discounts at places like Hertz rental
  •  via rail for economy plus fare, regular sleeper and sleeper plus touring.
  • Eurail has a 60+ but usually first class only
  • Rail Europe-Italy gets you a discount for two or more people travel together on the whole trip. 
  • Italy has what they call the silver card for rail and hotels.


  • In Venice people over 65 get reduced tickets to some museums like the Doge's Palace.

Maybe you take advantage in your hometown but don't forget to do this when travelling also. You may think this applies only in North America, but this is not so, Europe and other areas in the world have senior discounts. You just have to remember to ask. Some places only offer locals the discount, but that is not always the case. 

They will have the right to ask for proof of age...when was the last time that happened?

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What discounts have you found?

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