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You probably pack some luxury travel accessories when going on a luxury vacation, but it doesn't have to be only for that type of an excursion.  It can be for a trip to a spa, a staycation or a short road trip.

You might like some of these luxury travel accessories

 ideas that could turn any trip into a lux one.

Road trips are a chance to try out your luxury gear.

In fact, packing with your accessories is easier when you go on a road trip. You don't have to worry about the weight of your suitcase, airport security or things getting stolen out of your bags.

If it is a long road trip, you may want to be more cautious.

When I go on a short excursion near my home, it gives me a chance to pack with more luxurious items. It is a great chance to feel like I am on a luxury vacation. 

Usually, I do this when I'm only in my car for a short distance I can cover in one day. For instance, I go quite often to Victoria or on the ferry to Vancouver and stay for one to three nights.

When I travel by plane on a budget, I usually take a nylon travel purse and pack most things in ziplock bags. This kind of trip gives me the opportunity for a  leather bag and my pretty cosmetic and toiletry bags even if I'm not really on a luxury vacation. 

A fragrant travel candle, some feng shui items, pick up some treats like cookies and chocolates. Spa type things, a sponge and fragrant soap, body wash and creams. I take products for a facial.

Even a hardcover book if I like because it doesn't matter if it's heavy or not. I like my e-reader but the feel of a real book is so much nicer. 

I also take a bit more jewelry ( not expensive) and my jewelry container. It just gives you a great feeling.

Other things you might consider are the latest gadgets and electronics.

I am still careful about being able to handle my suitcase myself. So I advise you not to go overboard.

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