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I have shopped around for you to find some of the best deals for all your travel needs. These are time sensitive so take advantage when you see something that you like. Return often and check out the latest.

Are you hanging out closer to home this year? 

You will still want to look stylish and comfortable even if its a trip to a near by location.

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You can look nice without worrying about taking your really expensive things if you buy during a good sale. 

Are you dreaming of your next adventure?

Maybe this will help get you there.


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Are you going somewhere warm? Mexico perhaps?

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You certainly want to look stylish, but not also going for comfortable shoes is a big mistake. 

This is absolutely fabulous! Great clothes, inexpensive, so you can have a nice variety to take with you. What a great idea.

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Some of us stress out about losing, or damaging something expensive. That's is the last thing you want. 

I have gone on trips and after chatting to the person seated next to me, I find out that they paid way less than me for the flight.

This always makes me feel bad, that somehow I wasn't doing enough to find the best price.

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I found that the Paris pass was a really good way to save money and it is so convenient. 

It is not for everyone and not for all trips, you need to read the pros and cons of purchasing the Paris pass and then decide if it is right for you.

Grab a shawl especially for Paris or for warmth on the plane.

Picking the best luggage for your trip is important but so is getting the best price on the type you have chosen. 


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fashionable eyewear

I am sure that I don't need to tell you how important it is to have the proper sunglasses, to protect your eyes.You wouldn't want to show up in Italy without a great pair.

In Europe, especially Paris regular prescription glasses were worn more than contacts. It was actually a relief for me because contacts can really tire the eyes, if you wear them for too many hours. I saved mine for special occasions and evenings out. 

When I travel now I find transitional's work really good for most days, and sunglasses when I wear my contacts.

If you are lucky and don't need prescription glasses then you can just buy a great looking pair of sunglasses or reading glasses.

Remember to take more than one pair in case you lose one. I had a pair stolen on the Spanish steps in Rome so now I always take two pairs.

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