Travel packing tips help you pack light 

without leaving what you need behind

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The "times have changed" and with it the way we must pack, even so- the more I travel the easier it gets.

I gathered together quite a few terrific travel packing tips over the years that I would like to share with you.

All the new rules have forced me to cut down on the amount of things I take with me in my suitcase. The thing is, in the long run, it has worked out for the best. It has forced me to be more efficient and it is so much easier to get around at my destination.

I can pack light, but still have everything necessary to make my trip pleasurable and as stress-free as possible.

I also have included some great ideas on what to pack, including what items to include in your travel wardrobe.

become a savvy traveller

Enjoy the tips:

  • Do you want to learn about one bag travel?
  • Use  small plastic bags find out about all the ways they will become indispensable for your travels.
  • Learn what you need to have in a travel makeup kit and I will tell you about the best travel makeup kit ever and a list of things you will want to take in your makeup bag.
  • Read my take on how to find fashionable women's comfort shoes and the kind that I wear to look good, but keep my feet happy. 
  • I will give you lots of reasons why taking a fashion scarf with you when you travel makes such good sense, and learn all about scarves. 
  • Another thing you should know is that you will be very pleased that you packed that
  • check out my suggestions for packing healthy snacks.
  • Find out why you should use a vacation packing list
  • you may like to read how to pack a  suitcase
  • Learn some tricks for travelling with inflammation to make your life more comfortable.
  • How do you keep you and the kids happy, read travelling with kid's
  • Taking your kids on safari...check out book all safaris website for family travel tips

I will keep adding more ideas so come back and visit often or add my RSS feed and get them as they are posted.

I know you are going to find ways to use these tips for your next great trip.

We all love your gems also so...keep them coming in.

Would you like to share some tips of your own. We all  love to hear from other travellers.  

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When packing for travel, I always try to follow advice that my grandmother gave me years ago ... "Pack only what you think you'll actually use - then …

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