toiletry kit list and tips

Even if your toiletry kit will be going in your checked luggage, still put all the liquids and gels in spill proof jars and bottles and use a zip lock bag. It is not nice if any of these things end up soiling your clothes.

 I like to also use a hanging toiletry bag to use in my destinations shower. 

basic toiletry kit list

  • special shampoo 
  • hair conditioner
  • hair gel
  • hair serum
  • non aresol hairspray
  • hair brush/comb
  • eye makeup remover 
  • body wash
  • facial clensing bar
  • eye cream
  • day cream
  • sun screen
  • nail polish remover
  • travel size tooth paste
  • tooth brush and cover
  • dental floss
  • bath glove or mesh to make products go farther ( and some places do not have face cloths)
  • small manicure kit with nail clippers
  • nail polish remover pads
  • mouth wash
  • cotton swabs
  • cotton puffs
  • solid deoderant
  • soap container
  • razer and blades and container
  • shave bar
  • bug lotion
  • magnifying mirror
  • waterproof ear plugs for swimming if you use these

Add or subtract in your toiletry kit to suit your own needs. I would advise not to take full size containers if you are going on vacation for less than a couple of weeks. Even if you are staying longer you can buy most of these products everywhere unless it is something you think will be hard to find and just wouldn't want to be without, like maybe your favorite face cream for example.

Other things you could pack in this bag would be your laundry kit. A clothes line, laundry detergent packets and a small sewing kit.

I refill travel bottles and keep them in my travel closet.

If you travel frequently you might want to do this, as they are always ready to go when you are.

The squeezable, refillable wide mouth Gotoob bottles work really well.

As always if you do not check any bags remember 3-1-1 for carry on luggage.

A lot of things can be iliminated if your staying with freinds or don't mind using hotel products. You may want to check ahead because some apartments, hotels, b&b's and especially hostels may not supply products.

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