Use a vacation packing list for travel once 

You will wonder how you ever packed a suitcase without one

I never used a vacation packing list for travel until a few years ago. My luggage got delayed and even though I was lucky that it did turn up a week later, I started utilizing a one.

skip right to printable (this is my basic wardrobe)

Right-click to download this PDF file here. (this is a complete travel packing list)

It is a good idea in case it is needed for insurance claims. I found that having one while packing a suitcase makes packing luggage go so much faster.

skip to make your own template

I just keep my same vacation packing list for every trip with minor modifications.

Also my husband has a check list to make sure that we have not forgotten to do anything before we leave home.

There are many ways to compile your list and blank forms to choose from. When you decide which one you like to work with you can create your list. It takes a little bit of effort at the beginning but once done the same list will be used for most of your travel, with maybe a few additions or subtractions.

Various means are available to you for saving your list. If you like a paper list you can print one out, go to a bookstore or online and purchase a pretty pad of packing lists or use a program in your computer. The first few years that I used a list I just wrote it on paper from an ordinary writing pad. Really it is up to you as it is more important to actually have a list.

I use a template from the program on my computer now; it is fabulous and practically done for you. Make adjustments for your lifestyle. Then you can use it straight from the computer or print it out.

using a PC with windows

click the following in this order

  • start
  • all programs
  • Microsoft works task launcher
  • go the top and click task launcher
  • click templates
  • click travel you may have to write travel in search
  • click on travel planning
  • click on the template travelers packing list
  • choose your style
  • Name your vacation
  • Check off the lists you will use
  • save your lists

For example on an upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta I might use:

Besides my Create packing list

.Track travel budget

.Create an overall travel itinerary

.Create a list of medications to pack

.Leave notes to pet or house sitters

.Create pre-travel checklist

You may want to choose more lists or less just customize it to your own needs. Something that is not in the works program is:

.important numbers

Some of the lists are pretty basic like the medications and others are very detailed like the travel budget or the travel packing list.

With the vacation packing list just add or remove anything that doesn’t pertain to your trip. I like to print a travel packing list so that I have it by my suitcase. I check things off as I pack.

Has this ever happened to you? I used to forget if I packed an item or not and either pull things back out or went looking for it! I can just check my list now.

Over the years I have changed and perfected my packing list for travel, again print a copy for your own use.

travel packing list printable (this is my basic wardrobe)

If you have Microsoft office on your computer you can go to their website and download lots of templates.

from vacation packing list to first aid kit

toiletry kits

Makeup kit

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