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Weekend travel is a lot of fun. 

You don't have to wait until you have a week or more to have a vacation.  

Jump in the car or book the train or ferry. You could even fly somewhere if it is a three or four day holiday weekend.

Sometimes you might be able to take a quick getaway mid-week.

Last minute weekend travel 

Keep your eye out for deals near the home where you could drive, take the bus or train. Hotels often have great deal packages, especially on offseason. 

  • One of my girlfriends and her mother go to their favorite hotel once a year when they see a fair package deal offered.

It is usually spur of the moment, but they have a great time shopping and dining in their favorite city nearby.

  • When I lived in northern B.C., My husband and I went camping at nearby lakes with campgrounds. 

It was incredible to take weekends in the summer and get away from cleaning and cooking. We would leave all our cares behind. 

It was very relaxing and at night, we would make a camp fire and have a glass of wine and watch the flames and the stars. 

Campgrounds and RV resorts are an inexpensive way... to get away. 

You can tent, RV, or hike. Whatever your style is it can make a wonderful mini holiday. 

You can include swimming, boating or fishing into your trip. Most campsites rent out boats and other water sports equipment.

Camping is also a nice way to make new friends, or if that's not your cup of tea, choose a site a bit more remote. 

  • Another way of taking that quick trip is the ferry. 

It's fabulous that we live near several routes with lots of destinations and travel packages. Check and see if anything like this is available in your area.  Sometimes you can even stay on the ship overnight or longer. 

I even saw a four-day package for an Alaska cruise on sale recently. 

Weekend train travel

Check for train travel in your area. Offers might include a weekend romantic getaway package. 

We have taken a  train to nearby cities.  Driving can be stressful, especially if it is a densely populated area.

  • Living in  Southern Ontario, we took advantage of train travel to places like Toronto, Montreal Quebec, and Quebec City. 
  • Many places including in Europe have inexpensive weekend travel or day passes.
  • As of this date, a weekend ticket for some Germany trains for a group of 5 or more has discounts and unlimited day travel day tickets for German regional trains.You can get to Florence from Rome in an hour and a half on a high-speed train. 

Europe has more train possibilities than North America. 

Another kind of weekend travel would be to a casino as the main attraction

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Most casinos and resorts have restaurants, gambling, upscale shops, live entertainment and more. 

Be a tourist in your own town

Stay at a quaint bed and breakfast or fancy hotel. Visit coffee shops eat out in restaurants that you have never tried. Go shopping in small boutiques and antique stores. 

Exploring like a tourist can be more fun than your usual running around to the big box stores running errands.

Other weekend getaway ideas.

65,000+ Worldwide Listings. Local-weekend-international swaps
  • I love a Spa weekend.
  • Some cities have free weekend transportation for seniors. 
  • If you are visiting Cuba, you could do weekend tour of old Havana.
  • A student in Europe has lots of weekend excursions available.

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Let us know what you do for a weekend getaway.

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