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It is imperative that your passport information is in order if you are planning an international trip. This is a most excellent travel tip.

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When it comes to international travel you must obtain a passport.

Gone are the days when as Canadians we could go to a lot of countries with just a birth certificate.

Then it changed and we had to have picture id. now even Canadians need special documents to even go to the U.S.

This all changed when the U.S. decided that everyone coming into their country must show special documentation.

This includes Americans returning home.

That transformed things for the free boarder crossing between the U.S. and Canada because even Americans had to get documentation or they could not regain entry into their own country.

The best thing to do is just get a passport if you want to do any international travel.

You will have to check with your own countries requirements and passport information. I will help to steer you in the right direction to get your passport smoothly.

After you get your passport do not let it expire. Some countries that you will want to travel to may require that it has 6 months before the expiry date also they may call for a visa depending on what county your passport was issued in.

You will have to obtain a photo but don’t run out and do this yet. Each country has there own regulations so you must find this out first. Then you may have to apply in person if you have never had a passport before or your passport has expired. Please try to get your passport long before you plan your trip as it can be quite a hassle to get one on short notice.

I remember once when my passport expired and I had to make an appointment and travel to the nearest city that had a passport office and quickly get photos. It was pouring rain and I got drenched and most people couldn’t even recognize me in my passport picture. I had to pay extra and have it validated by a notary that it was indeed me. It was quite the hassle and I still had to wait for it to come by courier. It was a worry that it might not arrive before my trip date.

I know people that had to cancel a trip because they did not get there passport on time. One person wrote on the back pages. When it came time to renew they were told that they would have to go through the whole process over again, because the passport was defaced. So please if you want to do any kind of international travel my tip is to do it now.

Once you get your passport make sure that you keep it in a safe place and do not damage it. Before you travel you may want to make photo copies one to leave in a safe place at home and a couple to take with you on your trip.

Some countries I have traveled in request that you show your passport to authorities or leave it at the hotel registration desk. I always prefer to leave a copy or show a copy whenever I can rather than give my original passport.

I protect my passport as it is a valuable commodity and identity thieves are everywhere. Get a good safe wallet or passport holder and carry it with you on board the plane do not pack it in your checked luggage.

I cannot give you the details for every countries regulation and procedures for passports or visa requirements however I hope that I can  direct you to the best web pages for you to move forward with your application.

Passport information changes often so keep Up To Date

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