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Even though I like to know what 2 wear where, I have a basic travel wardrobe that I take pretty much everywhere. Then I add or subtract pieces for my particular destination. What I would take for a beach vacation would be different than my vacation clothes that I would pack to visit a friend in a northern climate in winter.

You can still pack light when picking your travel clothing, just consider your destination and itinerary carefully before you start to pack. Will it be a beach vacation, a cruise, business or city walking tours?

switch your wardrobe up to fit your destination effortlessly: with my suggestions on what 2 wear where

 what to wear in India

what to wear: adjust your wardrobe-quick and easy

What if your itinerary includes the opera or business meetings? What if you are on a cruise and must dress for dinner or dancing. If you are on a business trip in the middle of winter and there is no pool why would you take your bathing suit in your suitcase? With some forethought you will take only what you need without leaving anything necessary behind.

In most places I do not take heavy winter clothes but layer when it is chilly and remove if it warms up. Jackets, sweaters and scarves are more versatile and easier to wear or pack.

It doesn't need to be expensive

I have built my travel wardrobe up over time. It has also become part of my everyday wardrobe so it is not necessary for it to be separate from your regular clothes. Pick items to suit your body shape lifestyle and age.

The base color for my travel clothes is Black. My secondary color is white. Then I add some color with scarves, tops and sweaters. You may prefer Navy and taupe or brown and tan for example.

Stick to the same colour scheme

It matters that you can "mix and match," to make it easy to travel light. 

Include your shoes, hand bags and coats in your color scheme also.

With some locations you need a little more help with the details particular to that place.

It doesn’t matter, if you are going on a beach vacation, a trip to Paris France, to the West coast of British Columbia Canada or Rome Italy; with some good ideas on what 2 wear, you should feel great. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. 

Of course there is always the clothing optional resort! 

The North American style is catching on everywhere if you are a child or a teen.

For myself I like a bit of fashion and do not want to stand out immediately as a tourist or look frumpy in places like Paris. Those of you that are like me then these what 2 wear where tips are for you.

Learning a few polite words and phrases like please and thank you, in your destination countries language, will also go along way.

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