Top tips for travel while coping with inflammation 

With an inflammation,  (especially if it is also in your feet like mine ) it's a lot more difficult to travel, but not necessarily impossible. I know this from personal experience and learning to deal with it over the years.

Most important, when dealing with inflammation, is to plan ahead as much as you can.

I make this my number one priority because it is just such an essential aspect of travelling with any kind of a health problem.

15 tips to help you cope with inflammation while travelling

Lady with cane at Edgar- Quinet marketEdgar Quinet market Paris

  1. Keep each leg of the fight short if you can. Having some short stop over’s and getting off the plane so that you can move around really helps reduce inflammation. I find that my legs don’t swell as much if I move more.
  2. If you need to take any special equipment work it out with the airline ahead of time you don’t want to get stressed out at the gate. 
  3. Are you taking  medicine? Keep it in your carry bag with your prescription. Have a container with enough of your vitamins to cover your trip and maybe a few extra days in case your luggage gets lost. This goes for any over the counter inflammatory drugs like aspirin that you use.  
  4. Take healthy snacks on the plane, drink lots of water and stay away from salt. I would not eat airplane food.
  5. Book an efficiency suite, or better yet rent a vacation apartment. If that is too expensive for you, do a home exchange.
    You will have more control over your food and relaxation. 
  6. Check out Google maps street view to familiarize yourself with the area. Make sure it is not a  hilly local, and that your accommodation is on the ground floor ( no flights or steps to the building's front door.)
    If you are going to be on  an upper floor make sure the building has an  elevator.                                                            
  7. Talk to the person you are renting from before and after you get there and ask for things to do easily in the neighbourhood.  
  8. Also, research the location you will be travelling to for your transportation options. If using public transport make sure a bus stop or metro station is near-by. 
    Have your transportation arranged to and from the airport ahead of time.
  9. It is really important that  food shops, markets or a grocery store are within a few blocks. Markets are great because you can get fresh fruit and vegetables and other products that are quite often organic. 
  10. Purchase the most comfortable two pairs of walking shoes that you can afford and make sure they are tried and true before you leave home. Find out what inserts you like best.
  11. Pick comfortable travel clothing that goes with your shoes. If the sun bothers you ( especially if you have some forms of lupus ) use a good hat and sun protective clothing and sunscreen.
    Likewise, if the dampness or rain is the culprit make sure you pack for that even if it means thermal underwear.
  12. Purchase your tours and tickets before you leave home if possible. If you can book an entrance time this makes it even better as you won’t have to wait in line to get in.  At least by getting your entrance ticket ahead you can usually skip the line and continue on through security.
  13. Take lots of rest stops if you go to Art galleries or museums.
  14. Don’t go on any big group tours that keep you on your feet for hours at a time.  Sometimes it is better to plan to go to these places on your own or with an understanding partner.                                                                                 
    I find that if I plan out my activities carefully and just purchase a ticket or city pass I am a lot better off. I can rest whenever I need to and not have to keep up with a tour guide. I never was big on group tours anyway.
  15. Work out metro stops before you go out. Carry maps in your day bag and even GPS if you can. You do not want to get lost.
winery in Chianti ItalyThe bus pulled right up beside the winery in Chianti Italy

If I do book a tour it is because it would be something difficult for me to go to a site on my own. Maybe for instance visiting a castle or winery and it would present a problem to get from a bus stop and too expensive to hire private transportation.

I did this for a wine tour in Chianti Italy, and it turned out beautifully. I did my research ahead to make sure that I could handle it.

When I went to Paris for the first time I used the hop on hop off for the first few days. My husband and I got to travel around the city together, and I stayed off my feet until the inflammation calmed down and I could handle walking. It was a win-win situation. 

stairs to wine tasting room Chianti ItalyWine tasting area up a flight of stairs in house in Chianti Italy

There was a flight of stairs to get to the dinning area. I would not have been able to do the stairs 10 years ago but by taking my time and with the help of the railing I did it.

They may have accommodated me below if I was a person who needed that. 

My cousin went on the same wine tour earlier that year, and they were set up on the ground floor outside.

You really have to check all the details. Always take into account your level of disability. 

I always make sure that I stick to my anti-inflammatory diet and exercise program before I plan my trip.

I go for short walks around my neighbourhood to build up my stamina also.

I really at one point thought that my travelling days were over but if you get on a good program and when you feel you are ready to go just follow my top tips for travelling with inflammation.

I think you will be really proud of yourself. - Powered by Service

I would just love it if you would take the time to let me know how you made out. Did my tips help, do you have anything you could add that might be of use to people like us?

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