by Elizabeth
(British Columbia, Canada)

A couple having a Sunday stroll in Victoria, B.C.Canada

A couple having a Sunday stroll in Victoria, B.C.Canada

I discuss anything and everything to keep us travelling as we grow into our senior years at I introduce subjects that help us age well like health, food, clothes, style and wealth in retirement. Everything we need to help us be able to keep travelling well into our later years.

Travel has always been my passion and so almost everything relates to the ability to keep travelling. I think I am forever planning my next trip. It makes life easier to have health and a certain amount of money to be able to travel at any time of your life but especially as you age and so it is necessary to learn about these things. I started researching these subjects a few years ago when I came down with a chronic inflammation ailment and mistakenly thought that my travelling days were over.

On my blog,, I write about my trips. Follow along with me as I travel the world.

I give you the details of my vacations so as to help you plan yours. Truthful reviews of things I have personally experienced. From food, hotels, timeshare, sites to visit to how to get there and budget travel.

My stories are down to earth not overly flowery just good information hopefully a fun read with lots of problem solving for us baby boomers and beyond still keen on travel. I think my stories would be helpful to any age group but baby boomers should find it most informative.

I will be writing about my adventures both past and present from the very small like a day trip to a near by city but also about larger vacations to Europe, Mexico and Asia.

I live on the west coast of Canada in summer and Puerto Vallarta Mexico in the winter and travel around the world in between. Of course because of this lifestyle a lot of emphasis will be on my home areas.

I also rent out my condo in Puerto Vallarta when I am not using it. I know Puerto Vallarta very well as I lived there over many winters. I can help with any information that you may like.

I would be glad to answer your questions about other places I have visited. I would love to hear your comments or help in answering questions from others. Share your knowledge.

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