beach vacation

by Elizabeth
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Beach essencials

Beach essencials

Here is an idea of a set for a beach vacation.

Plan your own beach vacation wardrobe, following our recommendations.

A white tunic or cover-up, and the top of a two-piece bathing suit or tankini also can be worn with skirts or shorts to extend the wardrobe.

A skirt/dress is a great idea as you can wear it in so many ways. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. Think about it in white.

Wear Convertible dresses in different ways. They are great but be careful as some of them have a lot of materials and take up space in your suitcase. Make sure it is something you will wear in lots of ways before you pack it.

Wear Sarongs as they can work in so many ways, even as a shawl.

It is hard to cut down on shoes when you travel, but on a beach vacation, you can get away with less. Maybe a pretty flip-flop and a tennis shoe will do, especially if you're vegging.

Skirts are versatile and feel cooler than slacks.

The Panama hat is the latest thing in beach towns like Puerto Vallarta. The nice thing is that it works whether you are at the beach or out shopping.

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