What you need to know about new regulations on your duty free shopping.

The way that we handle our purchases of duty free products has changed now that we have new airline regulations in regard to liquids and gels. In the past we needed only to be concerned as to the quantity we were allowed into our destination country or our return home.

Now we need to deal with the new controls around liquids and gels. 

Get in touch with your airline as some have a pre-order catalogue on line for some flights.

They may have a system in place to shop on the plane. Not all flights have this. 

If they do then it makes it very simple especially if you have a direct flight.

If you have a stop over then you may need to have access to your checked baggage at your stopover airport and have room in your checked suitcase for your purchase.

Also, you need some kind of bubble pack to put around it. If your luggage is sent onto your final destination then do not make a purchase of this type of product until the last leg of your flight.

Ask the service personal at the check-in counter of your airline for the latest updates.

the duty free shop is another source o goodadvice

You want to make sure that you are dealing with the latest information. Liquids and gels will be confiscated at security checkpoints and it may cost you extra in charges.

When purchasing at a duty free shop make sure that you have your boarding pass in hand. They are only allowed to sell to people that can prove they are boarding an international flight.

this is what I found on my latest international flight

My flight did not have pre-shopping online nor on board the flight.

I was allowed to purchase liquids; however, because I was going to have a stopover in another city and my luggage was going onto my final destination, I could not buy anything before my fist leg of the trip.

Liquids and gels above the allowable carry on amount have to be packed in your checked luggage.

What I had to do was wait until I was in the stop over airport and do my shopping.

The shop personnel came to my departure gate prior to boarding and I collected my goods before getting on board the last leg of the flight. This worked out very nicely.

Remember if you purchase this type of product in your vacation country even though you are within your limits it must be packed in your checked luggage.

I believe that the best way to carry these kinds of purchases in your checked suitcase is in good wine packs or gel packs. This keeps them from breaking and spilling all over your clothes.

A good place to shop on line for this is Travel Smith.

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