What is the best ereader and do you need one?

Do you read when you travel?

If you don't read when you travel do you really need an ereader for home only?

Some questions to ask yourself might be, do you only take one paper back with you or do you carry several books?

Are you away from home for extensive periods?

Do you have space for real books or do you give them away after you read them?

I like to prepare for my trip by reading on line travel books.

Sometimes I read a theme book for my destination. I get a list of books to read before I leave. 

Sometimes it is too ambitious; however, and I leave them on my list for another time.

I eventually get around to them. I even read when I am living in Mexico or on vacation.

I read travel guides…

Reasons to purchase an ereader

  • The difficulty is now we have the weight restrictions. Yes, there it is again rearing its head into all our travel. I love curling up with a book; I like the feel of it I like to read until I am falling asleep.
  • Well I have to overcome my resistance to change and look into purchasing an ereader. I cannot carry books with me anymore. If you do read when you travel you may also need to get an ereader.
  • Recently I have been downloading books on line to my portable computer. I read these while on my last trip to Mexico. The problem is that it is clumsy reading in bed with a computer.

what's available

Not everyone needs an ereader. I am an avid reader, I love books but I wasn't sure if I needed one or not.

I usually give away my novels after I have read them, but I have quite an extensive reference library, including art books. 

I decided to check around to see what would suit my needs. I don't want to take so many gadgets that I end up weighted down anyway. I needed something that can transfer between it and my computer lightweight, and easy to use. 

For the computer, I have tried several of the free online bookstores and have narrowed it down to two favourites. The best free software is Kobo ebooks and the Sony reader store.

The sony store is great and you can download very easily from your local library and Google books. You need to have a local library card, of course, to download from them.

Now for eBook readers I like the kobo digital book reader and it is one of the best as far as I can determine for a good basic ereader at a very reasonable price.

This is especially good for Canadians. The books load effortlessly and are comfortable to read. They are available in the U.S also online at Kobo ebooks and they are expanding into more countries all the time. I find their service excellent.

It is a good basic ereader if you just want to read a book. It has a little built in mouse and is very thin and it is under $150.00. It just recently became available in wireless in wireless for Canada. It is available at some free locations like Starbucks and McDonald's and now comes with a touch screen.

If you want more than just a basic digital book reader then my next pick would be a Sony reader as they have lots of bells and whistles.

Something I really like is the touch screen. You pay more for all of the extras but they have several models to choose from depending on your needs.

There is a 5" and 6" screen. There is a more expensive daily 950 that is wireless ready. They have most all formats like epub and adobe digital editions. It has a high screen quality and is very light. The price here is 200.00 to $250.00 Canadian.

You can buy books online from other ebook sellers except Amazon as they have there own kindle ebook reader. The 6" 250.00 model downloads pictures, texts and also has a headphone for mp3 s, memory card slots and upgrades.

There are many other options for e-readers also such as kindle from amazon and nook book from barnes and noble.

The Kindle fire has a HD screen and a fast processor and a long life battery. It has web browsing and wi-fi.

Amazon is probably the most popular ebook reader. It also has free promotional days for downloading new books. The books are very inexpensive and for people that live in the U.S especially it is a good choice. The only thing with Amazon is you can only download from them and use their books.

When you make your choice be sure you know whether you want an ereader only or you want more from it.

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