How to make a skirt

Are you searching for how to make a skirt because you looked everywhere for that perfect travel skirt only to find either nothing that really suits you or they are just too expensive to take on a trip where they might get ruined. Remember we don't want to travel with things that will make us feel terrible if we loose or wreck them.

I have searched high and low to find you the very best

Here are patterns to purchase, how to make a skirt with your own patterns, how to sew a travel skirt with my instructions or download some of my pdf's.

lets get started

First I will tell you about my favorite patterns that you could purchase on how to make a skirt. I am starting with this because it is simply the easiest way to go. Skip to the next section if this is not what you are looking for.

These are some of my favorites.

Simplicity-1616-1697 or for Petites-4138 they also carry a new look, Burda, designer and others. 

If you are an inexperienced sewer this is a good way to start as they have nice clear information and a pattern that you just cut out. You could even take it to a dressmaker and have it made in the fabric you love, and it may still cost less than good quality readymade.

There are so may to choose from but try and get one that is not pencil as it is very hard to get on and off trains and buses. It is better to have one that gives you room to stretch your legs. Maybe an A-line or Flippy.

The next set of skirts are from my down-loadable pdf's as that would be the next in line for easy to make.

Now it gets a little harder but not that complicated and that is to copy it from your favorite skirt or to make your own pattern. What is great about this is you know that you already love it.

Be careful picking your fabric

No matter what way you sew your own skirt or any other travel clothes for that matter; you will need to make sure that the fabric is washable, lightweight, wrinkle resist and in a color that will go with the rest of your travel wardrobe. I like to use fabrics that are not too thick and stiff. Read over my travel skirt page as I go into more detail on the kind of fabrics to choose.

Many years ago I used to make most of my own clothes but got away from this. Now I make a skirt and many other travel items when I need them because I am getting really particular about what I want in my travel wardrobe.

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