Don’t get a kink in your neck get the best travel pillow.

When your travel pillow doesn't prevent that kink in the neck, don’t you just hate it? I know I do. It sometimes even leads to a head ache when I travel.

It is important to find the travel pillow that is just right for you

It also depends on how you are travelling and your personal needs.

If you are going by car of course you can take your most comfortable pillow and not be restricted by space. If you are going by train you may want a smaller pillow but maybe it still could be rectangular. If on a boat you may want it to be waterproof.

Do you need hypoallergenic? Maybe you do not even like a neck pillow maybe it is a lumbar pillow that you need.

If you travelling with a toddler they may insist on taking there special blankie and pillow from home as nothing else will do. Many kids like the travel buddy.

Those airplane pillows they hand out are not that comfortable, they quite often run out, and someone told me that some airlines don’t even launder them between flights.

I noticed on the last couple of budget flights I went on that they sold them. On long flights the correct travel pillow means getting there rested or tired and sore.

I once took my memory foam contour pillow to Mexico. We were going for 2 months and I was having a lot of neck and jaw problems at the time. This was not for the flight but in my checked luggage to use for my stay.

I have friends that take their bed pillows with them everywhere. I used to laugh but now I understand.

There are so many pillows to choose from.

If travelling by plane an inflatable is probably your best option and it would have to deflate easily. I have one that I have to sit on for awhile prior to descending in order to get the air out. I have had it for 25 years though so it has served me well.

My neck is starting to kink on the last few flights so I knew that I had to get a new one. I wanted one that my neck could lay different ways including support for my chin. This really helps. I like my new pillow. I hope it lasts like my last one.

The pillow that I got was  is the inflatable komfort collar.

I really like it and it supports my chin nicely. Another tip I would like to pass onto you is not to inflate it too much as it would be too hard when you get into the air.

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