The Alaska cruise packing list you need to check.

Be prepared for your cruise.

An Alaska cruise packing list has similarities to a regular cruise packing list but enough differences to get you into trouble. It needs more variety in clothing to get you through the various activities and climate changes than your normal cruise say to a hot sunny destination.

yacht Yacht anchored in Mexico

Your Alaska cruise packing list will require more planning than a regular cruise

Most Alaska cruises sail between May and September.

It can be hot in the summer and very cold later in the year but temperatures quite often can change drastically during the same day.

You must be prepared or you will need to purchase clothes on board or while in a village during a shore trip. 

Unless you enjoy and plan this type of shopping and use them as souvenir’s it is well advised to pack what you need.

You will need a carry-on bag both for your flight to your embarkation city and to take on board. It may be awhile before your luggage is taken to your room. Many people think that a carry-on doesn't need to be on an Alaska cruise packing list. I think that you definitely will want to have one. If your luggage is delayed or lost you will have something to wear for the first nights dinner and possibly the next day. The carry-on is useful as your over night or tour bag for excursions. With any trip your camera and other valuables should never be in packed checked luggage.

cruise shipcruise ship

This cruise ship is arriving in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with a completely different packing list

Here is how you will adjust your basic travel wardrobe for your Alaska cruise packing list:

  • Fleece top or sweatshirt
  • Long underwear
  • Waterproof shoes ( for walking or hiking ) with good traction 
  • Women's Nike walking shoes at
  • dress shoes
  • Light weight like a windbreaker and heavier jacket
  • Sweaters for evening or air conditioning
  • gloves
  • Lots of socks
  • Insulated vest
  • Hoodies
  • Rain coat
  • Small umbrella
  • Hat for sun and for warmth
  • Scarf

Because changes in weather layering becomes very important.

Take lots of things that you can wear if it gets cold or rainy but still be comfortable if it gets hot.

  • T-shirts
  • Shirts (long and short sleeve and button up)
  • Casual pants
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • exercise clothes if you need them


  • Capri’s
  • Nice outfit for dinners(a skirt and top or sun dress or black pants)
  • A cocktail dress or gown for the more formal evening (If you are into fashion or dress up this is a chance to go all out especially if it is a captains dinner night). Some people even wear gowns.
  • Men

  • A sports jacket and a black jacket or Tux. (If you don’t bring a tux and decide that you want to wear one they usually rent them on board.)
  • Other travel packing tips for your Alaska cruise packing list to consider:

  • Underwater camera
  • Music like an ipod
  • Binoculars
  • Port of call maps
  • Pre paid tel cards
  • Cell phone or if they don’t work a walkie talkie to keep in touch with others in your group
  • Use a large Zip lock or other small plastic bag to hold all your cruising documents

    It is a cashless society having said that there will be occasion to uses real paper money.

    • Cash for on shore as some street venders only take cash
    • Some U.S 1 $ bills for tips
    • Travel checks can be cashed on board
    • Credit card for excursions
    • ATM card but charges will be higher on board
    • Sail and sign card and picture id (you need these to get back on ship)
    • Keep receipts to double check for mistakes
    • Proper documents if visiting Canada
    • Passport and copy of it and Cruise tickets and documents Trip and Medical insurance
    • Drivers license if you plan to rent a car
    • The rooms are usually small with only one or two electric outlets

    • Over the door hanging bag
    • hanging shower container
    • power strip

    Notes:For your Alaska cruise packing list

    Most of the time the dress code is nice casual. 

    There are rules for around the deck also, like cover ups must be worn over bathing suits.

      Even if it is not a formal night you must dress nicely for dinner. You won’t get into the dining room with a bathing suit, shorts and t-shirt or bare feet. There are other places to eat on board but why miss out.

      High-end cruises can have Broadway shows and casinos. Activities on shore will be casual as most of these Alaska towns are laid-back.

      Take a smaller collapsible piece of luggage with you for your excursions if your carry-on is not large enough. A tour of Denali National Park, for instance; involves a train ride to get there and a  hotel stay of possibly 7 days depending on what you choose.

      Always check with your Alaska cruise operator or shore excursion desk for their latest dress code as it can vary somewhat depending on the luxury of your cruise ship and what activities you have signed up for. Remember your activities may include kayaking, hiking, taking helicopter rides or disco dancing.

      With this Alaska cruise packing list information, you will be prepared. 

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