When packing for a trip use small plastic bags 

like zip lock bags for packing your suitcase.

When packing for a trip, pack your clothes in small plastic bags, so they don't get ruined. You know the kind, zip lock bags. This is a great packing bag. It is good for packing clothes, and other things in your checked luggage but also for your carry on.

Use them for your passport, your carry on liquids, and even your healthy snacks. They are the greatest little packing bags. It is a great international travel tip but also great for local travel.

I wish I had discovered these travel tips for packing a suitcase before I had a mishap a few trips back.

Years ago I would just throw my things in a suitcase the night before leaving. That was when I was young and foolish before having a few disasters.

I tried lots of different methods of packing for a trip. You can also use packing cubes.

Here are some ideas for using the small plastic bags:

For your purse or carry on bag

  • makeup kit

  • jewelry bag

  • wallet for a passport holder, for money, credit cards and travel checks

  • allowable 1 quart zip top, clear plastic bag for liquids in your carry on

  • electric cords, surges, battery charger and converters

  • for your things you need to find in a cramped space like cough candy, a pen, Kleenex or wet wipes

  • wet bathing suit

In checked luggage

  • for your clothes

  • shoes

  • toiletries

  • dirty clothes

I now live in a very wet climate. One time a few years back I was going on a trip to Mexico. Well, it was pouring rain when we left. Have you ever noticed how the bags are left outside for long periods, are not covered, and sometimes fall off the trolley’s as they are wheeled to the plane.

What a surprise when I opened my luggage. Everything was a mess. It got wet inside the suitcase. The dye from the reds and blacks got on all my light coloured clothes. I had packed a nice silk top for a new years party I had been invited to. I probably don't need to tell you, there was no way the dye was coming out and I had to find a new outfit. Not always a stress-free task for me.

Another time, this was also before I was using small plastic bags, a bottle of body lotion spilled out over everything in my suitcase.

When I had a bottle of rubbing alcohol and shampoo leak out on my last flight it stayed contained in the airtight plastic bag and everything else remained dry. Try it for your next trip. 

You get the picture. It keeps your toiletries from leaking on your clothes, your shoes from soiling everything and your dirty clothes separate on the way home or between destinations.

The baggage handlers don't have to rifle through your stuff as they can see through them and it makes it easier for them to inspect. Back to zip lock bags. Now I always use small plastic bags. In fact, I take a giant size clear garbage one and place all my little bags inside it. This is a great tip when packing a suitcase. I use them for everything really! Lesson learned.

I even take extra small bags when packing for a trip in different sizes, because they don't weigh anything. You never know how they might come in handy. 

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