Is the Paris pass right for you?

The Paris pass is one of the things I checked out before leaving home.I wanted to see the sites and save money. I also wanted the easiest way to travel around. After a great deal of research, I decided that I would get it. I know it's not right for everyone, so I am going to share some of my research with you.
Notre Dame Paris-view from the Seine  The Notre dame Paris - view from the river Seine

Here are some of the benefits:

check out the different passes for what's is included

  • It saves so much money if you are the type that is going to visit museums or art galleries especially if you will be there for a few days. We bought the 4-day pass.
  • No hassle waiting in lines to buy tickets just go right past the sometimes enormous lines especially in the summer. You just show your card and go to through security and your in.
  • Includes a transport pass for the metro, and free bus and RER (city trains) within the city of Paris
  • A 2 day hop on hop off that has several tour routes around the city and you can hop on or off right at many landmarks. This was especially good for me as I get inflammation and swelling on the plane and I used the hop on hop off at the beginning of my stay. I was able to recoup while not wasting any valuable time. It worked out great for my husband also as he really enjoyed the “hoppy” as we called it. It gave us a nice overview of the city so that we were familiar with it before we were on our own.
  • Over 55 items were included on the Paris pass so great value. We saved so much money and so many attractions to choose from that even most families should be able to find things to please everyone. You certainly don’t need to see all the attractions to save.
  • The Seine boat cruise was really nice and easy to find the starting point. It gave us a different perspective going under the bridges and a different vantage point to view the Eiffel tower.
  • Discounts for tours
  • The booklet and map was so great. We really used the hop on hop off map and the metro map stayed in my pocket all the time. It was worn out by the time I left. We used the metro extensively as it is a fabulous and convenient way to get around.
  • We went to the main attractions that were of interest to us but sometimes when we were in an area we would get out the pass to see what was available. We ended up entering sites that we would not have thought of on our own. For instance we toured Victor Hugo's home and we saw Roman ruins under the Notre Dame cathedral.
  • The great thing is you can purchase the number of days suited to you.


  • The only disadvantage that I could see would be if you are the type that just walks around close by your hotel sitting in the cafes and looking at the architecture then you would not need this type of pass. (Of course we did those things also.)
  • It takes a bit of organizing as it is consecutive days and you will want to plan to get the most out of it.
  • If you are only in the city for a short while you may consider one of the other lite version passes.

If you are not the type that would be using public transportation very much, you may find a better value in just the museum pass and get a ticket or (what they call a Garnier of tickets) a book of 10 as you need them for your transportation. We liked the Paris pass because we use public transportation extensively. We very rarely ever take a taxi, and we also used lots of the other features.

Visit of the Palace of Versailles - 10% discount

tips for using the Paris pass:

The great thing is you can purchase the number of days suited to you.

We ordered the Paris pass well in advance and had it delivered to our home in Canada so we had lots of fun going over everything ahead of time. Remember though for this convenience you would have the added cost of postage. I highly recommend this even though you can order online and then pick it up in Paris when you get there.

To get the most out of whatever pass you do pick you may want to plan your stay so that the museums that you visit on any particular day are close together.

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