Getaway outfit and weekend travel packing list

A getaway outfit should be handy at all times, just in case you have a chance for a lovely travel weekend or an extended holiday weekend.

There are many types of weekend trips, and you can tweak your outfit for casual or dressy, a girls weekend or romantic. Also for the climate.

Get away outfit

by Travelbitt

Getaway outfit ideas

This makes things easy! Get four wrinkle free, washable pieces. That will let you create  multiple outfits. Put them in a  packing cube that you can slip into your bag. 

four piece black getaway outfitgetaway outfit fits in cube

download weekend packing list 

Weekend Getaway
packing list

Always start with your go-to getaway outfit.


  • scarf
  • pair sandals for day or night 
  • flips flop
  • sundress
  • light weight cardigan sweater (or hoodie/jean jacket)
  • shirt
  • Two tank tops
  • bottoms-shorts or Capri/white pants/maxi skirt
  • underwear and bras
  • necklace 
  • One pair earrings
  • bracelet
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • bathing suit
  • PJ's

If you are planning on hiking or exercising, you would want to add your shoes or clothing. If you can't rent equipment for your activities, then you may want to pack those also.  A lot easier if you are driving. 


add to summer packing list

  • jacket (preferably waterproof)
  • pair boot shoe or boot
  • change to warmer scarf
  • pair gloves
  • Two pairs socks
  • slacks/jeans to replace shorts/capris
  • exchange summer hat for a warmer hat


  • brush/comb
  • face wash
  • feminine products
  • razer
  • bug spray
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • hair conditioner
  • makeup
  • medication
  • ear plugs
  • mini sewing kit
  • mini first aide

If you are not into using hotel shampoo, you may want to take your own.

You only need a small amount of all your products, and sometimes you can get away with just samples.


  • cash
  • tickets
  • id/passport/drivers licence
  • cell phone/iPad
  • pen
  • car/house keys
  • chargers/extra batteries
  • headphone
  • snacks
  • water bottle
  • maps/guides
  • eye mask
  • travel pillow
  • packing aids
  • quart/litre size/zip lock bags/packing cubes
  • makeup/toiletry hanging-bag
  • laundry bag
  • shoe bag

packing aids

  • quart/litre size/ziplockbags/packing cubes
  • makeup/toiletry hanging bag
  • laundry bag
  • shoe bag

weekend travel  bag

  • purse
  • wallet
  • travel bag:

I prefer a light weight bag like a leSportsac, but if you are driving it is a chance to take a beautiful designer bag, even if it is a bit heavier.

A backpack style is terrific especially if you are hiking or camping.


Fabulous weekend travel bags

A lovely bag from London Fog. If you need a wheeled suitcase, this one is not only great looking but it's not heavy even though it has wheels. Sharp, unique colours and patterns.

This bag from Victorinox made of ballistic nylon so it will last. It has a sleeve for placing it over your luggage. It is roomy and expands for extra space.  The shoulders strap is removable. It also has an excellent warranty.

This large weekender from one of my favourite brands (LeSportsac) is so cute.

Extremely light weight and perfect for a quick getaway.

Nice adjustable shoulder strap.

When carrying your stuff around, sometimes only a backpack will do.

 A bag to use for that hiking trip. Nice padded straps and several compartments.

I have even used mine as a carry-on for longer trips.

piel classic weekend-saddle

travel packing tips

How to pack a suitcase

What is your favourite getaway outfit?

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