Your romantic vacation has been all arranged

now you need the perfect items for your suitcase.

romantic vacation packing

You’re going on that much awaited romantic vacation. Everything is planned now you have to decide what to pack. Well this is not your ordinary vacation. It is special and what you pack and what you wear is more important than usual.

Start with the basics and the weather and your destination. How long will this vacation last. Is it a romantic weekend break, a honeymoon destination, an exotic honeymoon, a spa vacation or a couples retreat? 

Maybe you will be going to Paris for two weeks. You still need to pack the type and number of outfits appropriate for your trip.

For the romantic vacation, no matter where or how long or what type of trip there are certain things you will want to take. That sleep shirt is fine for hiking and backpacking with the girls, but it just won’t do for this trip.

take your nicest silky gowns.

Show Yourself Some Love

If you are taking some that you already own make sure that they are in good shape; no hanging threads.

Better yet get something new and sexy, something your significant other has not seen before. It could be a lovely surprise. The same with the rest of your lingerie make it special. Take lacy undies and matching bras. Take some teddies and a silk kimono.

when it comes to day clothes

Make them a little different also. Take more dresses and skirts than you would normally and maybe a pair of silky slacks.

For jewellery make it feminine. Sparkling or Chrystal items and drop earrings are always good. (Like always never expensive in case of loss or theft) You don’t want anything upsetting to happen on this trip especially.

You probably will be going to more upscale restaurants perhaps dancing and maybe dinner shows. Think about the different activities that have been planned and make sure you will be able to look great.

Get new bathing suits or take the ones that make you look your best. On some romantic cruises, there may even be black tie dinners so make sure you check ahead with the cruise line.

make sure that you get a manicure and a peticure

Go to the hairdressers, get a great look and style for your hair and make sure it is easy care. This is no time to be fussing with it.

Get some tan without the sun and put it on several weeks before you leave so that you do not have to do it when you get to your romantic vacation destination. A tan makes everyone look better and slimmer I might add.

If going to the beach take sun-screen and put it on each other.

men also, look your best

Sometimes you look better for that meeting or for strangers than your loved one. This is the time to surprise her. Look the best you can. Get some new dressy shirts take a jacket if it is appropriate for your romantic destination. Take a nice pair of dress shoes.

Guy’s silk robes look wonderful on you also!

Buy each other little gifts to be opened at your romantic vacation destination. Ladies, your man might not think of himself. Buy him a couple of pairs of silk boxer shorts. Cologne would be a nice gift. Guys get her some perfume. The two of you could also pack some essential oils, massage oils, creams, and bubble bath.

Use our small plastic bags bag tricks for packing the liquids safely in your checked luggage or take small regulation size toiletries in your carry-on luggage.

Tea lights travel well or the little-decorated tins of candles with lids are safe for a hotel room. What about board games about love they are always lots of fun. Romantic music is also nice especially your favorites as a couple

More travel tips for a romantic vacation

  • Try and go first class if you can or at least a regular flight. Budget is best for other times although don’t let this stop you from planning a romantic vacation as some charters get you in the mood if going to places like Hawaii, or Mexico.
  • For a cruise a suite with the private balcony would be fabulous.
  • Try and get a direct flight.
  • Stay in the best hotel that you can afford.
  • Stick to one destination this is not the time to be hopping on and off night trains.
  • Order a basket to await you at your destination of champagne and chocolates and have flowers delivered to your room.
  • Have the hotel restaurant pack you a picnic
  • Confirm everything before leaving home.
  • Do not over pack
  • Learn some new dance moves
  • Leave work at home.
  • Don’t bring reading material unless it is about love.
  • don’t take the kids!

Attend to the little details and everything will go more smoothly. This is definitely not the time to have anything go wrong. This will make it as stress-free as possible. Also, any trip can be a romantic vacation with a little forward-planning. 

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