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food and wineFood for Romantic picnics photo by Gregory Bourolias

photo by Gregory Bourolias 

I love romantic picnics! You can have one practically anywhere. It can be very simple or elaborate and planned to perfection. It can be near your own home, in a foreign country while you are on a romantic vacation, on a budget or Champagne and caviar.

We have picnics quite often. It is surprising how easy and even spur of the moment these can be.

We have had picnics using the trunk of the car when we were out on my painting trips, sitting in parks all over the world to beaches and our living room floor in front of the fireplace. 

Get a little creative

One of the picnics we remember the most is an impromptu picnic in Luxembourg Park in Paris France with a free concert in the bandstand, food that was purchased at a local bakery and a nice sunny day.

romantic picnicImpromtu picnic at Luxembourg Park

planned picnic in Molokai in the Hawaiian islands were we drove to a secluded spot above a beach with a blanket and Champagne is one I remember from many years ago.

Most of our picnics are simple ones at the beach in Puerto Vallarta with throw away plates and Tupperware containers. We never tire of our picnics. It can be so relaxing and romantic.

When it comes to containers and baskets  it can be as simple as your back pack and some purchased food already in containers and small wine coolers. 

  • A wine and cheese basket is great as it already has all the components like a cutting board and knife and corkscrew that normally you would have to purchase separately.
  • Depending on how mobile or comfortable you want to be you may want to consider a park bench to have your romantic picnic. 
  • Purchase picnic chairs or pillows or if using a blanket outdoors you want to make sure it is waterproof so that you do not feel damp.
  • I have several types of picnic baskets from the full picnic basket with china plates and real flatware, a backpack with plastic plates, a cooler bag and ice or sometimes, I just use a nylon backpack or day bag with disposable items.
  •  Sometimes in front of the fire you just need a blanket and wine glasses and some simple finger foods. It could even be a tray for breakfast in bed.
  • Music with love songs is almost a must if you are not lucky enough to be at an outdoor concert.
  • Giving each other little surprise gifts are wonderful extra and it doesn't have to be expensive. It can be just a purchased card or hand made would be even better, love coupons, a romantic or heart shaped pill box, a single rose or a love letter.
  •  If you’re romantic picnic is to celebrate an anniversary or Valentines Day chocolates or jewelry might be the thing.
  • As far as picnic food goes it is best to keep it simple and transportable. If your picnic is in an urban area and you are picking it up on the way you could get cheese, a banquette, some wine and fruit like strawberries.
  • If you are making your own try a special heart shaped desert and small finger foods. 
  • Make things with tooth picks that you can feed to your love (o.k. I admit that I have never done this) it depends on the couple. Well I have made the toothpick food.
  •  You can make blended fruit drinks and freeze them and use them to keep the food cool. 
  • Small veggie pieces for dipping work well for picnics and also cookies. Really anything small and not too messy works. 
  • Although I have purchased a roast chicken and for that particular picnic is was fine.
  • If you like to cook or bake you might like to get a book with recipes especially for picnics.

Special effects are quite often free like a sunset or a full moon.

  • You can create the right atmosphere with tea lights in a pretty glass.
  • Strings of twinkle lights in your own back garden.
  • Your fire place aglow. 

items to add to your romantic picnic packing list that are easy to forget:

  • Napkins

  • Serving utensils

  • Condiments

  • Insect repellent

  • Wet wipes

  • A garbage bag

  • Bottle opener

  • Sun screen

  • Umbrella

  • Mints

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