toiletry bag and contents for bedside

Don't misplace stuff when your tired

Here I am going to talk about a small toiletry bag kit that you can use at your bedside. I normally put this in  checked luggage were it will be easy to get at. You may just want to go with a one larger size container and include these items.

Different types of trips of course require a different type of bag and it’s contents. 

I like a Small toiletry kit for bedside that I can place on my night stand so I can have the things I need at night or in the morning without sorting through everything.

It keeps things in one place to throw back in my luggage when I need to move on and you’re less likely to leave something behind. I am not spending time looking for stuff when I need it.

This of course is very individual so suit it to your needs.

Reminder: if you’re into one bag travel and carry it on board with you all liquids must be in your 1quart sealed bag. 

here are some ideas for your toiletry bag:

  • Hand or body lotion, night cream…small refillable containers
  • Container to place jewellery in… a pretty case or a baggy depending on you or your trip
  • Container for contacts
  • Contact solution (I have tiny little refillable travel vials)
  • Eyeglass case…I just use a soft sided one for a bedside case
  • Eyeglass wipes
  • Tissues
  • Cough drops
  • Hair elastic, scrunchy, bands, clips or whatever…If you use something for your hair at night 
  • Small pill box for pills you take before bed or in the morning. 
  • Any special meds you will need, I like a small tube of anti inflammation gel for example.
  • Washable ear plugs for noisy rooms
  • Hearing aide and battery case if you need this
  • A reading light, small flashlight or use your cell phone
  • A little alarm clock is nice even if you use your cell, it’s a good backup just in case your cell freezes or you forget to charge the battery…you don’t want to miss a flight 

Besides this small toiletry kit that I use at my bedside, I take a cosmetic bag for my makeup kit and a hanging toiletry bag for all my other toiletries. A hanging one is easy to use in the bathroom.

You may want to combine them into one bag with separate compartments, that’s totally up to you. These can be anywhere from simple zip lock to your favourites bags.

This is the way I most frequently travel. I am not really a minimalist on most trips although we certainly have been forced to pack more efficiently. I think because of my health issues I take a lot more paraphernalia but yet I use way less space than when I was younger and just threw whatever in my bag. 

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