sun protective clothing for you and your children

Check out sun protective clothing especially if you have fair skin and are travelling to a very hot sunny climate. When going to locations near the equator, swimming, boating, surfing, skiing, hiking  or mountain climbing really anywhere that you will be in the sun, or it will strongly reflect back on you. If you have children you should absolutely protect them with this clothing.

More people are looking to defend themselves from the sun doing damage, as we age, from getting sunburned or even worse skin cancer.

Also, UV rays weaken the immune system and we are not always careful of putting on sun screen properly.

I find I don’t reapply often enough.

Like me, many people wear long sleeve clothing, a sun hat and long pants or skirt when out in the sun or a t-shirt on children when swimming and that does help for short periods.

I am starting to wear clothing that shields my skin more often especially since there is more variety to choose from. 

To get any defence for your skin from regular clothing the material should be tight woven and dense in colour. Polyester and nylon are good materials wool and silk are not bad but cotton, rayon; flax and hemp are not good without being treated. Most material is less effective when wet.

UV protection clothes at one time made you very hot and sweaty, but they have improved. It comes in more breathable, moisture wicking, quick drying and antibacterial fabric these days.

If you purchase it in a loose fit it will feel even cooler. Children think some of the styles are cool so they don’t mind wearing it and it upsets them every time you reapply the sun screen.

You will still need sunscreen for unprotected areas, but these garments will protect you much better than using only sunscreen. Get ultraviolet protection factor of anywhere from 15 to 50, depending on your skin type for these cloths to work well.

How to find sun protective clothing

Most companies that sell travel gear on-line or in the store carry this type of clothing. It is a little harder to find in the department stores, and your favourite clothing retailer probably will not sell it. 

Travel Smith have some very fashionable UV protective clothing for men and women.

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