Do you have trouble choosing swim suits?

Almost everyone does?

we need swim suits 

Swim suits are needed for almost every trip unless you are the type that never goes near the ocean or pool. For most of us we very rarely leave this item of clothing behind. The exception would be, if you are absolutely certain that you will not have time to swim or there will be no pool at your destination.

we need advice for our body type

The problem is that we ladies find it so difficult to pick out the swimsuit best for our figure. We need a large selection to choose from. Cover-ups, sun hats and flip flops need to go with all our suits. Most of us can’t pay a fortune for what we need. Very few of us enjoy this kind of shopping experience.

There is a great selection of women's bathing suits available and ladies suits come in plus size and one piece bathing suits or maternity swimsuits. So no matter what age or body type you are there is a suit for you.

how to pick swim suits for men

It is usually easier for men...just get a couple of up to date bathing suites and your fine. Ask the retailer or go on-line. I know that most men just pick the colour they like, and they are good to go.

The only thing you might want to look into is the fact that most men in Europe wear a racing type swim suit like the Speedo brand. I know in North America we laugh about men in Speedos and think that mostly older men or men with no style sense wear them.

In South America and especially Europe men are usually required to wear this type suit if using a public pool or spa. Younger men and boys are starting to wear the loose shorts like here in North America but most require even children to wear the Speedo.

These types of men's swimwear are very popular anyway even on the beach and if they are not nude this is usually what they wear. (many beaches are clothing optional)

If you really don’t want to purchase one of these suits because you do not travel to Europe often you can usually get away with a fitted short like a bicycle short. It is for hygiene purposes. They really don’t want you to wear street shorts. You really need to check with the pool or spa before you go.

They are not so self-conscious of their body and all ages men and women often go nude or semi-nude on many beaches.

both men and women

Must wear a bathing cap in pools. 

Some places sell swim caps, but you may not be allowed in the pool if you do not have one. Also take your flip flops for the pool. This is a good idea anyway so you do not pick up a fungus or something unwanted.

two bathing suites for your trip

I am going to tell you now that you need to take two bathing suits on your trips. That way you will use one while the other one is drying. Also if one gets a tear or gets worn out you will not have to go looking in a foreign place for another one.

I have had this happen three times. Once I forgot my suit and had to buy one in Hawaii. That was a long time ago. Even though I was young and slim and Waikiki had a large selection of bathing suits, it really wasn't fun as I wasted time on a 10-day vacation. One time I was walking down the beach in front of my husband, and he said he could see through the seat! We were in Mexico, and I had to take what I could get at wall mart.

The other thing is a damp bathing suit is hard to put on. Believe me, it is best to take two or if you are going to an all-inclusive beach resort you may want to think about 3.

I really dislike going into the shopping mall to purchase a bathing suit. There are stores that have trained staff but going into the dressing room and trying on the swim suits and getting a friends opinion is kind of stressful.


I just recently purchased two new swim suits. This time I was pleasantly surprised as it actually turned out to be a pretty good experience. They have a large selection on many brand names in sizes to fit all body types. 

They had just every kind of a bathing suit online, including post-mastectomy swimwear. 

Also lots of nice cover-ups are available. They have someone that can take you step by step to get your most perfect suit.  

From the start to finish it was very easy, and the suits were high quality, and the prices were very reasonable. It just took all the stress and embarrassment out of it just to shop at home.

women over 50

Women over 50 probably would wear modest swim suits, but it really is up to how comfortable you feel. Sheer swimwear and sheer or see-thru bikinis are probably best left to the young. However, a lot of people of all ages and body types are wearing the tan through type suit.

I like a tankini

If one part wears out you still have the bottom or the top. I get a black bottom then if the top wears I can still use it. Also if you like to swim it is next to impossible in a bikini so with a tankini you can still have a two piece. It depends of course your body type and what kind of swim suit you look good in.

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