The best travel makeup kit ever

 I take these essentials

in my makeup kit

  • short handled travel brush kit
  • long lasting lip colour and moisturiser I have been trying one called L’Oreal infallible (for special evenings) or lipstick
  • mascara
  • lip stain (or lip liner pencil if you like)
  • eye makeup remover and pads
  • eyeliner dry that you can wet( or pencil with sharpener if checking). I use the pot in the Lauren Hutton disc.
  • If you take another eye shadow colour find the smallest container possible
  • If you use a mineral makeup powder find a very small container.
  • I take my liquid foundation ( tinted moisturizer) in a small leak proof container 25 ml and put it in my small plastic zip-lock bag to keep it from leaking on anything. I take it in my allowable liquids in my carry-on bag or purse.
  • Nail polish is tricky because if it spills it would be a catastrophe make sure those lids are on tight. I only take one colour and one quick dry and put it in a zip bag with my allowable liquids to take on board the plane. If you can find a stick on that is great.

I have a great travel packing tip for you

I have found the best makeup kit ever

Well I didn't actually find it, I received it as a gift from one of my sisters for Christmas a few years back. I absolutely loved it and took it along on every trip.

I am packing light, I only take one carry-on bag and one checked luggage so I am always on the look out for neat compact products.

Gone are the days of a makeup kit with large fancy bags and full-size containers. Space is at a premium and the airlines have weight restrictions. Also I find that as I am ageing less is more as the saying goes.

The makeup kit that I  took with me in the past was Lauren Hutton face disc with 11 pots. When you open it up it also has a mirror. The disc has shadow, cheek blush, spot cover, concealer, lip gloss, eyeliner and more. (Lauren's brand is no longer available) Check out the one like it that I have found for you.

Leave your makeup bag behind, and take this small smart compact travel makeup kit.

Other than your essentials and maybe special items for your age group, this is all you will really need. It doesn't matter if you go for a weekend or a month and it will help you with packing light. 

mature women, babyboomers

The items at Suzanne Somers are especially nice for baby boomers but anyone would love these for travel.

I know that we have special problems with makeup. There are other things that we might add that younger women may not need or want. Although younger women wear more color and may put more items in total in the makeup bag. When you choose your face makeup or foundation, make sure it is natural makeup, or sheer cover makeup.

Baby boomers do not need heavy foundation as it just makes the lines stand out more.

I need mascara that keeps my eyelashes growing and thicker as they tend to also thin out. 

I lost a lot of my eyelashes and they became shorter when I got an autoimmune disorder a type of Rheumatoid arthritis.

I have pretty good lashes again. I am still careful with the products I use because, I want them to stay nice and I wear contacts so my eyes are sensitive.

O.K. now place your entire makeup kit in a small plastic bag with zip lock this is a great cosmetic travel bag or put the baggy it inside a pretty one. It keeps anything from spilling out and getting on your clothes.

You may just want to throw a makeup pallet in your purse separate so it is handy to get at on the air plane.

Make sure not to try and take everything in your at home makeup kit. Go to your beauty supply store or shop on line and purchase small size items.

Some people may like to mix their toiletry items and the make up in the same bag together. I like to at least keep them in separate compartments.

Don’t forget to check out the face pallet sets I have found for you. Laura Hutton face disc is no longer available, but many companies are selling this type of kit now. This is a wonderful travel packing tip that you can thank my sister Gerry for. I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

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