Here is your printable travel packing list

My basic travel wardrobe consists of the following:

Women's travel clothing

Dark colored clothing:

1 skirt

1 pair of slacks

1 tank top or Camisole type of top

1 blazer type of jacket

1 pair of slacks that look like jeans or other comfortable pants to wear on the plane...light weight so they can be washed and dried quickly

1 sarong can be patterned in Dark/light

1 long sleeve top


Light coloured clothing:

I tank top

1 blouse

1 cardigan sweater

In another color:

1 tank top

1 blouse

other items:

2 pairs of shoes one to wear and one to pack in suitcase

1 pair of flip flops for shower, hotel room or pool

1 scarf or shawl

1 long sleep t shirt, for sleep, casual wear or beach cover up...tunic tops are very versitle

1 jacket light weight wrinkle resist and rainproof

7 Underwear

2 Nylons...may need for business but don't bother with these in hot climates when on vacation

2 Trouser sock

2 swimsuits..depending on destination and type of trip

for men see below

use a lot of the same tips as I gave to the women.

3 bottoms for every 7 to 10 tops and 2 extra tops and one extra bottom per extra week.

Men's travel clothing:

Tops will consist of long sleeve, short sleeve, polo and t shirts

A pair of Pajama bottoms can be sleepwear or lounge-wear

Make sure that your blazer has lots of pockets

Make sure that you have a long pair of dress pants and a pair of dress shoes no matter what your destination.

below is a downloadable complete vacation packing list

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

vacation packing list

makeup kit

toiletry kit

first aid kit