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Have your vacation ideas been a little dull lately, hard to please your travel companions? Maybe you need to try something new. There are some steps you can take that will make it easier for you to come up with an excellent choice that will please you and your mates.

Take a look at our suggestions, I am sure some of them will appeal to you.

Singles Vacations

Maybe the fact that you are a single traveller  is holding you back.

You could book through an organization that caters to singles.

Pick the age group, the destination, cruise or land and they put a package together for you to suit your desires.

Another way to go about this is to start with our how to plan a vacation

How does a safari, a trip down the Amazon or the Great Wall of China sound? If that is a little too exciting why not try train travel or an Alaska cruise.

Sometimes just going to an unfamiliar country or city is a nice change. Try Disney in Paris instead of the United States for your children and combine it with an excursion to Chateau Versailles or the zoo and Jardin des Plantes. 

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A really fun way to organize a trip is to plan it around a favourite book like the Da Vinci code, Eat Pray Love or a pilgrimage to holy sites. Follow in the footsteps of an author like doing a walking tour of Hemingway’s Paris. Go to Moscow and tour the Metro.

A food or wine tour is always nice or what about learning a new skill like cooking, art or lessons in scuba diving in the Caribbean. 

You might consider volunteering in Africa, go on an archaeological dig or do restorations in Italy or Spain.

If you have a month or more you could enroll in a class to learn a native language. Maybe even stay with a local family or do a home exchange.

What about a 5-star resort at the beach?

all inclusive vacation package

Try some of these great vacation ideas and information from trip advisor

I always like to check out trip advisor they have so much information to offer and most of it comes from fellow travellers. 

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