what not to wear in puerto vallarta

by tammy newton
(puerto vallarta, jalisco)

Hola. I have lived in puerto vallarta for 18 years full time. My wardrobe has pretty much stayed the same over all these years, except for maybe size. Also the longer I am here the colder I feel in the winter months. Yes, I said winter months. They do exist in Mexico. December, january and feb. are the coolest months of the year. At night and the early morning you will need a jacket. I don't mean a parka, but a jacket.
I also recently started knitting scarves, they are very unique and come in various colors and are perfect for these cool months. The yarn has little pom poms so it is a little fancier than a plan scarf. You would not believe the amount of comments I receive about them. Last weekend I went to talpa in the state of jalisco. It is about 3 hrs from vallarta up in the mountains. It has a famous church with a miraculous virgen. Well here in vallarta it was warm but when we got there and the sun went down I was glad to have my special scarf.
I should also comment on what not to wear or even bother packing when you come to vallarta. women, do not bring nylons! people here will think you are crazy and you will feel like a well done sausage. Second, no boots, there is no snow here! Maybe a little shoe boot for pants if you come in january. But why cover your feet? bring your pretty sandals and strappy shoes and show off your pedicure. Thirdly, don't wear your bathing suit if you plan to walk more than 100 feet from the beach. You can go to the restaurant on the beach with a cover up. But seriously if you go even one block up from the beach in just a swimsuit people will be looking at you but not in a good way.
Men, the main thing I would say for men is no tie, I wouldn't even pack one unless you are meeting the president or something. And guys if you want to look good for the ladies here at a bar. Wear a pair of jeans, a lightweight long sleeve shirt that buttons and don't tuck it in. Some casual flip flops and you will fit right in.
Well those are some of my wise tips for vallarta
Diviertate y cuidate have fun and take care

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