What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 

a very romantic destination

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico would be to begin with resort wear wardrobe basics, such as a good pair of comfortable shoes and lots of casual light weight summer clothes. Take swimsuits and flip flops for around the pool, sunglasses and sun hat Capri pants for the church and a couple of nice evening outfits.

In general for what to wear, I would say almost anything goes, for a typical beach vacation. The locals say they think they have seen everything and nothing much shocks them anymore. Having said that you may not be the one they are laughing at and pointing a finger.

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico has changed over the years since we starting visiting in 1987. I lived there over five winters and we have stayed in private homes, condos, timeshare, hotels and luxury resorts. I continue to visit every year and it is still one of my favorite vacation destinations.

What is you favourite way to dress in P.V.? Got any tips to share? Maybe a great story.

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico or as the locals call Vallarta or just P.V. depends on your destination resort hotel or condo. Also, the weather though warm all year can change with the seasons.

My basic travel wardrobe is still good here. I remove and replace a few articles as usual. If you are visiting in the hot summer months you may want to change your dark color to a lighter shade like medium brown or grey instead of black.

You will need travel clothing made of fabric that will allow you to stay cool, lots of tops so that you do not have to launder too often, but can change a lot in order to feel fresh. Things dry quickly, and the laundry service is excellent unless you send out through your resort and then it can be expensive. Around town shorts, t-shirts blouses, Capri’s and summer slacks are fine.

Wardrobe ideas 2021

Here are some fabulous clothing idea of what to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

for bars and restaurants

Lightweight jeans and a casual shirt, skirt or blouse, sandals but sneakers will not be out of place.

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico has changed somewhat recently

Locals are starting to dress in casual American style, having said that this is a sophisticated destination. Some high-end resort restaurants will require evening dress. It is informal at most restaurants, but beach wear is out. Men and women wear cover-ups off the beach. You may need a sweater (light weight or cardigan type) or jacket at night especially if the restaurant is air conditioned. Sports jackets are not normally necessary.

Most of the all-inclusive resorts have a variety of restaurants but if you think that you would like to the better ones take long pants and nice shoes for the evening.

if you are  going to any of the very exclusive luxury beach resorts or spas

You may want to check with them about their resort wear dress code before you pack. 

It can be very important to know what to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, as some of them have a very strict dress code for their better restaurants. Some of them even enforce it. I have heard that Secrets  and Garza Blanca resort are two out of many that have dress codes.

some of the resorts that state that they are in Puerto Vallarta are not technically

They are in the state of Nayarit in Nuevo Vallarta. It is a way out of Puerto Vallarta, and if you are only going for a week you may not even leave the resort or in any case not really go into central Vallarta. If this is the case you really should check the resorts dress code.

If you are just going for spring break or a quick veg on the beach you probably could pack light with just one carry-on bag and what to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico would depend on what activities you are going to take part in at your resort.

some people have asked about clothing optional beaches

It is actually illegal in this area. I saw a woman once on out beach topless and no one stopped her they just laughed and pointed. I have heard that the east coast of Mexico around the newer resorts may have some of these beaches.

I have also heard that there are a couple of private gays, clothing optional resorts. They are secluded and so that is possible. There is a large gay community and Vallarta is very gay-friendly.

You may want to bring specific attire for planned activities

There are a lot of  times were you may need special  items.

Exercise clothing such as running shoes will be needed if using the gym, tennis shoes or golfing clothes as Puerto Vallarta Mexico has some world class golf courses.

Are you going out forNew Years Eve?

A little for planning will really help. You will want to take a nice out-fit for parties especially if you are going out at new years. It depends on where you go, but you may even want a cocktail dress.

Some young women dress in very short mini dresses and lots of bling. They just started dressing that way recently it used to be very conservative and still is for adults over 30.

The street party on the Malecon has family and the street dance party in the old town have people of all ages so the dress varies from jeans and a fancy blouse or shirt to very beautiful evening dresses.

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for party's, clubbing or New Years, is up to how "dressy" is comfortable for you.

Remember people go to Vallarta for beach weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries so they will look nice. Others go to veg on the beach or bar hop and party all night. Some go on jungle or adventure tours or swim with Dolphins.

Men for what to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico beach weddings take ivory or bone colored suits, white linen shirts, no tie usually and no socks.

I have noticed recently with some of the new high class resorts like Garza Blanca offering wedding packages, men dressed in suits and ties.

It would be a good idea to check with the bride as she may have decided this is what she wants.

If you are going on an adventure tour make sure your shorts are not too short they can ride up and become uncomfortable. Also, you will need a cool top and running shoes or hiking boots.

I will mention this also you will need bug spray and sunscreen.

For a jungle tour, you will need long pants and a long sleeve shirt in lightweight fabrics. 

day cruises going by beachDay cruises going by a beach

If you are going on a day cruise you will need good safe deck shoes.

for business

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico For business men wear cool cotton shirts and light weight slacks and women wear conservative street length sundresses or a skirt and blouse.

It is very busy at Christmas and Easter. If you are going on a candlelit walk or going into the church for any reason you will need to cover yourself. Wear Capri’s at least instead of shorts.

The locals do wear high heels sometimes, but the streets are cobblestones and the sidewalks have pot holes.

this is also a very romantic destination

You will want to look nice for your sweetheart. Lots of people are on their honeymoon or anniversary.

Bring a nice robe or silky outfit that you can wear around the room but also look nice if you want to sit on the balcony sipping wine with your love.

You might want to go on a sunset cruise or just out for an after dinner stroll in the Romantic zone so that is another reason to bring a nice outfit.

On Sunday a stroll on the Malecon with the Mexican families is very lovely.

In the evening the a dress is nice, and some of the tourists from other parts of Mexico are really surprised to see casual American style dress especially flip flops.

The locals very recently started dressing that way, it always used to be Sunday best, and it still is for a lot of people.

June to the end of October ( sometimes November) is the rainy season

You will need an umbrella or a light weight rain jacket. It is very hot and humid so you might want to just get soaked and dry off naturally. There will be mosquitoes so get bug repellent. The thunderstorms pour down suddenly and stop abruptly especially in September and October. This happens mostly at night but sometimes in the late afternoon.

The rain can be so heavy that it floods the streets so make sure that your shoes can get wet and dry quickly. Also, Capri pants or a skirt will keep your pant legs out of the water. We usually just slip into a restaurant and enjoy the time while waiting for the storm to pass.

the very high season is December to mid-May

That is when you will usually get the best weather.

July and August are extremely hot.

It's always fun to shop

If you forget to take what you need it is always fun to shop for what to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, however; they are very small people. Larger size clothing is more difficult to find, and you may be limited to custom made or Wal-Mart.

I love the linen cotton and especially the gauze fabric for tops and dresses. It looks casual but is nice enough to wear to a nice restaurant, and it is very cool.

They also sell lots of nice leather goods, purses and sandals. There are many stores selling silver jewellery and their designs are beautiful. In central above the Malecon, there are streets of designer shopping. On the beach, you will be able to purchase wonderful sarongs in all sizes that can be worn out or as a beach cover-up.

I needed a skirt for Tango so I purchased a sarong on the beach in black with some bling so it would go with my other clothes. I had the nice lady hem it to street length for me. She went home sewed it and did not charge me extra and gave me the part she cut off, hemmed so I could use it as a short cover up or shawl. I have worn this skirt in my hometown and even in Paris for Tango, and I love it.

If you are looking for a perfect, versatile piece of clothing for what to wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, go purchase one of these wrap skirts on the beach. 

What do you wear in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Join in and let me know, how do you look great in P.V.?

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