Travel beauty tips: arrive at your destination looking fresh and relaxed

Check out these travel beauty tips that can be used by women of all ages so that you never look bedraggled after a long flight again. 

It's pretty hard for most of us to look good after being on a plane, whatever your age, especially us baby boomers.

I know that you want to arrive at your destination looking your best? 

before you go

  • When refilling trial bottles make sure that you keep it sterile do not use your fingers 
  • Get a good haircut and colour, one that is easy care like short, a bob or something you can braid put in a bun or tie back.
  • Use a small amount of leave in conditioner and a light frizz ease hair spray
  • Get a facial or give yourself one, exfoliate
  • Do a good hair removal
  • Moisturize intensely
  • As you probably know, one of the best best travel beauty tips is to get a good nights sleep
  • Not wearing foundation or mascara  is the best that way to go as you will not have to worry about smudging and smearing, but most of us want to look nice. 
  • I don't wear foundation on the plane but lipstain, gloss, under eye concealer (not on puffy part just on dark crease)and a little cheek blush. 
  • Less is really better because after you have been sleeping it will be easier to apply again  before you land. 
  • If you wear mascara make sure it is smudge proof. If you feel that you must wear foundation it’s a good idea to use the cream type and a primer so it will stay on longer.
  • Some brands of gel eyeliner really stay put

travel beauty products and travel cosmetics 

  • Lip treatment
  • Take the same cleanser brand as you use at home
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Sleep mask
  • ear plugs
  • Eye cream
  • Hand cream
  • Small containers of your expensive facial products-trial sizes are great
  • You may  like to take a dry shampoo, I have never used this personally as I have wavy dry hair but most people just love it.
  • Allowed lipstick pencils cake mascara or powdered
  • Good hair brush
  • Cucumber eye pads
  • Pre-moist towels
  • Eye makeup remover or remover pads
  • Corrector stick for dark circles

note: not exactly part of travel beauty tips but I would like to remind you that any liquids or gels that you take on board must be 3oz (100 ml) and fit in a 1 quart (litre) ziplock bag and check with your airline for any changes in this policy. 

beauty tips while on the plane

  • mineral water to mist 
  • If you have oily skin take blotters for the t-zone
  • Nail buffer
  • gloss that you can keep reapplying or Shea butter feels nice on lips
  • Sleep during the flight if you can
  • Don’t wear anything that will move around when you sleep like cream eye-shadow or regular mascara
  • Tie hair in scarf when you sleep or pull it back in a ponytail 
  • Drink lots of water

Take your antiaging routine with you everywhere you go.

Before landing

  • Crushed ice in facecloth for puffy eyes before landing. One of my sisters gave me this tip when we had swollen eyes from crying over a family crisis. It really helps.
  • If reapplying creams or make-up before landing make sure to use hand wipes so bacteria doesn't get on your face 
  • A product I love is intensive eye serum from Clinique to reduce puffiness.
  • Curl lashes first if you are using cake lash 
  • Put on some fashionable sun glasses if appropriate for the weather
  • If hair got unmanageable clip it back or tie it in a scarf or wear a hat
  • Small amount of shimmer for cheeks, it will make you look fresh
  • Coconut oil to apply to hair if it gets fly away
  • don’t do nails on plane unless you have stick on polish as it has a very strong odor 
  • Brush ups for your teeth and dry sheet mouthwash

Suzanne Somers Organic Make-Up

on arrival

  • Try to stay outside and walk around a bit on arrival
  • Another great travel beauty tip is to get on your destinations time-don't go right to sleep if it is the middle of the afternoon, but do get a good nights rest. Some people like to use melatonin 
  • Have some ginger tea to settle your stomach
  • Buy some olive oil it makes a good  hair treatment

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