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mens travel wardrobe ideas Parismen's travel wardrobe Paris photo by Shamim Nakhai

For a mens travel wardrobe Paris start with these easy tips.

Stick to the tried and true. Simple, clean lines, well fitted and quality will always work. Monochrome or mixed neutrals are a good choice.  

North American men quite often just want to wear cargo pants and a logo t-shirt while traveling. There are no fashion police so of course wear what makes you happy. 

If you are single or you want to please your mate, Paris is the place to do this. 

You don't have to go overboard and buy a lot of clothes you will never wear again. You could just upgrade a few things. Shoes would be a good start. Skip the white sports runners. There are lots of comfortable shoes to choose that would be a better choice.

Also, t-shirts are fine but skip the logos, and it will take you into more places looking good. Dark jeans and a plain bomber jacket are also versatile. 

Who knows maybe this is the chance to up your style you might like it. 

Mens travel wardrobe Paris for all seasons

Paris street fashion for men


For spring in Paris, you may still need some rain gear as the weather can be unpredictable. 

Here are some wardrobe ideas

A day or casual evening

  • White t
  • Black jeans
  • Bomber jacket
  • Black shoes

An evening out for drinks

  • Button down shirt or polo
  • Tousers
  • Blazer
  • Black  shoes

A more formal evening

  • Black suit
  • White button down shirt
  • Pocket scarf
  • (tie mostly only for very formal dining check the venue) Men's Shoes


Paris is sweltering in the summer. By August an incredible number of Parisians are on vacation and have left the city for cooler areas. 

The crowded city is full of North American tourists.  You will see them wearing the big sports shoe, shorts and the baseball cap. Not Parisians, they don't usually wear shorts. 

A style this year is capri pants for men. I know that most male tourists are not comfortable looking like they stepped out of Vogue so you can skip those if you like. In the day switching the black for long pants in light colors like white or tan would be best. You could still wear black or dark brown in the evening.

It still could rain even in summer, so be prepared.

Shirt colors that are popular this year are powder blue, bordeaux, and monochromatic prints.

If you are taking a tie for the more formal evenings, a polka dot blue silk will suit.

70's retro is also back, even the small scarf worn like a tie around the neck. 

A few more items not to forget to pack, in your mens travel wardrobe Paris, for summer.

  • You will need a pair of sun glasses. This year tortuous shell large round or angular would be nice. 
  • A hat maybe a fedora type for the sun
  • button down shirt in tan
  • polo shirts with details
  • waterproof windbreaker or light weight rain coat
  • lightweight cardigan with details
  • leather sandals
  • walking shoes
  • lightweight cotton shirts
  • linen or cotton pants

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