Puerto Vallarta Mexico: An insiders tips

Get the Puerto Vallarta Mexico tips you need to make great memories.

I have become very familiar with Puerto Vallarta over the years. I lived there for several winters and continue to visit every year. I have family and freinds that live there on a permenante basis.

Maybe you will get to love Puerto Vallarta as much as I do.

I hope some of these activities and side trips and useful tips for having a great time, might make you want to come back again and again.

Mexico - What You Need to Know Before You Go


people on the bus Puerto Vallarta Mexicopeople on the bus in the afternoon

All kinds of people use the bus, including tourists

You will see every kind of wardrobe from worker to people dressed for an evening of night clubs and parties.

It is cheap, efficient and convenient. You can pay the bus driver. Check your hotel for the current rate. The driver will give you change.

They are not the fanciest kind of transportation, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; howerver, I know some men that find it more comfortable than the smaller cabs, with more head room and space for their legs.

Taxis are inexpensive

There are taxi stations on many corners were they line up waiting for a fare. Hotels will also call a cab to come and pick you up.

There are set rates depending on the number of sections it takes to get to your destination. The hotel can give  you the current rates. Ask how much before getting into the cab and agree on the price. You should tip if you have luggage. 

There are different sizes of cabs depending on how many people will be taking it and how much luggage you have.

Cabs are more expensive at the airport. 

Sometimes at New years or late at night for instance, it can be harder to get a cab and you may have to pay more.

some hotels have there own shuttle bus

money used in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

In Puerto Vallarta you will get a better rate for currency at the kiosks called “casa de Cambio's”  for Euros or U.S. dollars but they won’t exchange coins and no one not even the department stores will take $100.00 bill. 

We were almost cheated in Mexico even though we are very used to using pesos. If you bring U.S. dollars to a foreign country you should be careful as this could happen to you.

Someone gave me money they owed me in U.S. currency. You get a good rate if you use it at the stores like O.X.O. in Puerto Vallarta. We use it there to buy small items as it is a fairly good place if you want pop or a bag of chips and pay with a U.S. bill. Well, they convert and give you change in pesos - that’s good but double check before you walk away it can be confusing and they quite often short change you.

We caught it, but most tourists never notice - so much for the great exchange rate.

Banks don't like to exchange cash and will only do it from about 9 AM to 1 P.M. but like everything in Mexico it can change.

Another tip for Puerto Vallarta Mexico is that it's easier these days to use a credit or debit card for purchases or if you need to withdraw cash.

You might want to also check out foreign exchange tips for more information.

Dancing and clubbing

People love to go out dancing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Put on your favorite dancing shoes and head out. Remember everything starts really late so rest up and head out around 11 PM. Most places have a cover charge on weekends.

Wow, dancing is so sensual and you will impress each other if you learn some new moves.

You will find lots of great day trips.

There is so much to see and do you may never want to leave Puerto Vallarta. If you are visiting for only a week that will probably be the case. 

Many people want to swim with the dolphins, see the botanical gardens, zoo, go on a cruise or fishing trip. These things are an easy adventure. 

If you want to see other towns nearby and have the time, there certainly is a lot to choose from. Other beach towns and local communities await.


Most people that work in Puerto Vallarta live in Pitillal. Its a nice place to get bargains. It has a lovely square and church. The buses run regularly from Puerto Vallarta. 


Collage of Sayulita Mexicocollage of Sayulita

Sayulita is a real busy little beach town and a nice day trip.

Lots of places to shop, eat and surf. 

It is also a very pretty village with a nice church. 

Dress casual take your beach gear, and sun screen.

You could rent a car for the trip from Puerto Vallarta, but they have bus's that go there from Vallarta.

There are lots of hotels if you want to stay the night in every price range, but they book up fast in high season.

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